Mother & Daughter – Air & Fire = Hot Air!

My Sagittarius friend asked me to look at her family dynamics and provided me with the charts of both parents. After looking at all three charts, I decided to break this into two parts, mother & daughter and father & daughter.Let’s start with a look at the shorthand synastry between these two. The daughter’s Sagittarius Sun is trine her mother’s Moon in Aries and the mother’s Sun in Aquarius is semi-sextile her daughter’s Moon in Pisces. It is very common to see a strong Moon aspect between mother and daughter, maybe due to the Moon’s association with the feminine side. Where the Luminaries are concerned, this is a mixed set of aspects. The Aquarius Sun’s detachment may be difficult for the Pisces Moon, who desires emotional merging, to understand. This does mean their Moons are semi-sextile, so actually living in the same household may not have run so smoothly with the sensitive Pisces Moon feeling abraded by the more aggressive Aries Moon.

They have a square between the daughter’s Mercury in Sagittarius and the mother’s Mercury in Pisces. Here is where having mom’s Venus in Aries trine her daughter’s Mercury really helps smooth over communication difficulties with her sweetness and charm. Interestingly enough, it’s the daughter’s Saturn squaring her mom’s Mercury and she is the one wishing to correct her mother.

Adding to the general sense of parallels between the charts, is both have Venus in Fire Signs (Sagittarius & Aries) giving them a similar sense of fun and aesthetics. However, their Mars are square – Scorpio to Leo – so attempting to do tasks together is bound to have its interesting moments . . .

Saturn in general plays a supportive role in this relationship with mom’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo helping ground out her daughter’s Venus/Uranus conjunction. Now that her mother is past her Second Saturn Return I’m wondering if she is even better at being supportive in a loving manner. The daughter’s Saturn forms an out-of-sign trine to her mother’s Sun suggesting the willingness to be supportive of each other goes both ways.

The mother’s Uranus in Gemini may be a source of occasional frustration for her daughter because it squares her Moon in Pisces and opposes her Sun/Venus in Sagittarius. Thus it was mom who was more inclined to do something spur of the moment throw her daughter’s expectations off. But mom’s Jupiter conjuncts her daughter’s Sun, Venus and Ascendant and that probably makes up for lots of other boo boos, especially when all those are in Sagittarius – optimism rules the day!!

These two also share the same Nodal axis – North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio. Here again this is a not uncommon aspect between parent and child and is an indicator they face similar challenges in the way they approach Life.

Despite the occasional frustrations, I have the feeling this mother and daughter truly love and appreciate each other and cheer each other on. Their Fiery sides may be given to drama and extravagant displays of affection. It’s the daughter’s perceptive Moon in Pisces that may feel left out the loop here between extravagant gestures (mom’s Jupiter) and quirkiness (mom’s Uranus).

This is the Queen of Swords from the Zerner Farber tarot deck. Good card for an Aquarius Sun woman who is an original!

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