Relationships after Second Saturn Returns . . . Different Priorities?

I received an inquiry from a woman in her sixties seeking information on two potential partners both of whom are also over sixty and past their Second Saturn Return. When we are in our child-bearing years we look for very different things in potential partners; first and foremost, what kind of parent will they make? After sixty, companionship rises to the top for the most part, as our children are grown and if we are fortunate enough to have grandchildren, we usually do not have those 24-7 to care for. This woman is looking at finding someone to spend the rest of her life with in a comfortable, companionable way.

I will start with a brief look at some factors in her chart that affect her relationships. She is a Cancer Sun conjunct Mercury person with Gemini Rising and this seems to me like someone who enjoys chatting with others and is generally sociable in nature. Her Moon in Aquarius is opposed by Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Leo indicating she likely attracts fairly intense types to her. Moon in Aquarius and Gemini Rising being in Air signs may give the impression she is less emotional and more mental than more Cancer Sun natives.

The two men she is interested in are both intense sorts. One is a Scorpio Sun with a lot of Libra and the other is a Sagittarius Sun with a T-square in Fixed signs: Venus/Mars conjunct in Scorpio opposed to Jupiter/Saturn in Taurus, both squared by Pluto in Leo. The Scorpio man is someone she met recently and the Sagittarius, someone she’s known for much longer.

There are some interesting twists in the synastry with her and both these men. I am going to fore go a detailed look at each relationship and focus on the twists . . . starting with the Scorpio man. Their synastry is only so so, even though she stated she feels comfortable with him. The best aspect is the trine between their Mercury’s and since she has a strong Mercurial influence in her chart, this is important. There is a nice trine from her Moon to his Jupiter and a possible conjunction between his Moon and her Jupiter (lacking an accurate birth time, this is not exact) – this helps them enjoy spending time together and a shared sense of fun. Her Uranus is trine his Venus/Chiron/Jupiter lending a sparkle to their relationship.

Then we come to the Sagittarius man that she says she knows well. They have excellent synastry between them using my shorthand method. Sun/Moon sextile and trine, Mercury’s trine, sextile between their Venus/Mars – nice! Their Moons are semi-sextile making living together a little more problematical but not bad. Looking at her chart, his Sun falls in her 7th House of partners, another solid indicator of compatibility. They have Sun/Uranus intra-aspects (same planets, both charts) giving their interactions a certain excitement and feeling of freshness.

However, there is a Moon square Saturn intra-aspect in effect between these two and that may be a source of discomfort. This is also a strong connection adding a durable quality to the relationship. A question she raised was whether her Sagittarius friend could move beyond his very strict upbringing . . . and I suspect that’s what has been expressed through this Moon/Saturn interaction. Saturn can come across as judgmental to the Moon and on the controlling side largely because insecurities come into play.

This is where having experienced a Second Saturn Return comes in. Often that is a time when we come face to face with old insecurities and hopefully, realize those are things we have grown past and can be let go of. If this is the case for both these people, then I would say they have a good chance of enjoying each other’s company. Perhaps knowing this is possible will prove helpful to her.

P.S. Yes, his strict upbringing is reflected in his chart by that T-square. Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus opposing his Venus/Mars in Scorpio speaks to me of parental control and that is amplified by the square to Pluto, master controller! Makes me think of lots and lots of “thou shalt nots” in his childhood.

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