Review of “The Hades Moon” by Judy Hall

This is a very powerful book and one that I had to read a chapter at a time, and then pause to assimilate the information. There is a great deal to learn and understand offered here. Judy offers many examples of charts and stories from the lives of people who were born with a Hades Moon (Moon in aspect to Pluto or Moon in Scorpio). The reason I bought this book was because my Moon in Libra is closely sextile to Pluto in Leo and I seem to be in a phase of exploring all things Pluto. Melody Zindell, Astrology and More . . ., has a couple of posts relating to her reading of this book that are well worth reading: Hades Moon Series, Part 1 and Hades Moon Series, Part 2One of the reasons it takes some persistence to read this book all the way through is the nature of the stories Judy shares. They are often dark, troubling and difficult to accept, in other words, very Plutonian in nature. Judy points out that for many of us with a Hades Moon, this is a pattern that tends to involve many family members and moves from one generation to the next. It is possible to resolve these patterns if a person is willing to invest time in exploring and accepting our darker side.

Judy goes to the Egyptian pantheon of Gods and Goddess frequently in this book. Isis, Osiris and Set are the Pluto/Hades archetypes visited along with other Egyptian deities, and the various stories surrounding them illustrate quite well the path one needs to walk to find healing of old Plutonian wounds. She also talks about the more familiar Greek and Roman characters too.

My family line runs to Hades Moons as follows: My mother had Moon trine Pluto, my older sister has Moon semi-sextile Pluto, I have Moon sextile Pluto, my brother’s Moon is opposed by Pluto and my youngest sister has Moon inconjunct Pluto. I believe my dad has his Moon in Scorpio . . . and his mother had her Moon in Scorpio, his dad Moon sextile Pluto. I’ve haven’t checked the birthdates for my mom’s side of the family but it would be no surprise to see a similar pattern.

For me personally, exploring my Hades Moon brought more illumination to my relationship with my mother. I am reasonably sure she and I have been together before and in one of the more recent incarnations, I was the mother and she the daughter. This helps explain why we tended to reverse roles whenever she was in duress . . . and why it was always difficult for me to step back from the relationship knowing it was what I HAD to do for my sanity. And my siblings all have Moon/Pluto aspects that are more difficult than I. They also have a lot more buried emotional garbage too. At least that’s my intuitive take on the situation though my older Scorpio sister seems to be doing much better since her relationship with our father has grown. My brother’s Aquarius Moon doesn’t deal with emotional issues, period. And my youngest sister has found some catharsis through her deep Christian beliefs. Healing comes as it will and if an opening presents itself for me to discuss some of this with my siblings I will.

“The Hades Moon” is a very good companion book to Donna Cunningham’s “Healing Pluto Problems”. Donna’s book is written in a much more accessible writing style but “The Hades Moon” goes into much greater depth as Judy focuses on one particular natal aspect involving Pluto. Both writers/astrologers offer suggestions for Bach Flower remedies and other healing tools for those of us working with Pluto in our charts. Both books are available from

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