Some Family Synastry – Mother and Son

When the mother requested I look at the synastry between her and her son, I was delighted to do so. We get caught up in thinking about compatibility and synastry as relating to our love lives without realizing we spend far more time interacting with family in one way or another than anyone else. This month starts the Holiday season here in America and while I love this time of year, I usually groan inside at the thought of dealing with my extended family. So I want to take this opportunity to send out a request for more data from my readers on family so we can look at the synastry with our nearest and dearest!

Now I will return to taking a look at the synastry of this mother/son relationship. I usually focus on the Luminaries, Mercury’s and Saturn aspects between the charts of family members plus Jupiter and the Angles. Saturn aspects between the charts of family members represent the durability of this type of bond.

Here we have a Capricorn Sun mother and Taurus Sun off-spring (Sun son is a little too much =grin=). Her Moon in Sagittarius is inconjunct his Sun in Taurus and his Moon in Scorpio is sextile her Capricorn Sun. These aspects favor the flow on the feeling level from her Sun to his Moon, which makes sense. His Sun in Taurus nature, Earthy and Fixed, has less in common with her Sagittarius Moon, Fiery and Mutable. He may feel his mom is emotionally flighty from the Taurus perspective. Of course, most everyone is “flighty” compared to Taurus . . .

Their Moons are semi-sextile but Scorpio and Sagittarius are very, very different in nature. Their unconscious expectations and habit patterns may have caused run-ins especially when he was a child. As we mature, we can gain understanding into our habitual way of doing things and make adjustments.

There is not a strong connection between their Mercury’s either, suggesting they have to work on communicating. Her Mercury is in orderly Capricorn and his is in zippy Gemini. He must be able to think quickly on his feet probably faking out those who see that Taurus Sun first and foremost. Her Moon is Sagittarius opposes his Mercury in Gemini and that has to facilitate communications between them.

They do have some strong Saturn aspects too. Mom’s Saturn in Aquarius squares her son’s Moon in Scorpio – and that sure sounds like she can play the authority figure with him very effectively. In the natural sequence of signs, Aquarius is on the cusp of the 4th House (female parent) for Scorpio, lending more support to mom as the boss. His Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn falls on her 7th House cusp and that says to me he may continue to be supportive of her over the years.

Curiously, his Uranus conjuncts her Sun so he will continue to throw her off her stride with his adventurous side. She has wisely learned to give her son plenty of freedom to follow his interests, a very good choice considering this Sun/Uranus aspect. Another outer planet aspect that aids her in being understanding and tolerant of him is her Neptune conjunct his Moon/Pluto and this aspect also tunes up her natural “mom” radar where he is concerned.

No matter where Life takes these two, with a lovely Moon/Jupiter intra-aspect, they will always think of the other with warmth and generosity. As her son grows into adulthood, it is very likely these two will become friends as well as mother and son.

Another intra-aspect that I noted and found very interesting is one involving both Ascendants conjuncting both Mars. This sounds like they energize each other when they do things together and they encourage each other to be physically active. I don’t know whether they have a sporting activity or hobby they share but it sound like what ever they are doing in the world at large, the other says “go for it!”

As always, what the mother shared with me about her relationship with her son is consistent with the astrology. Please keep in mind that these are people I have not met nor am I likely to meet in person. It continues to amaze me how generous people are about sharing their birth data – and through that a window into their lives with me and through me, many others. Thank you for your gift . . .

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