The Appeal of the “Bad Boy” vs. the “New Guy”

This is a classic heartbreaker for all concerned if you go by the movies . . . however, in real life, as most of us know, the situation is often a lot more complicated. The young woman who wrote me asking for insight is an Aries Sun/Capricorn Moon both square to Pluto in Libra. Right away we know that having Pluto involved makes the dance much more intense. I will take a quick look at the synastry between the various partners and see what emerges.

First we’ll look at the connections with the ex-lover. He has Virgo Sun square Sagittarius Moon and those fit nicely with her Aries Sun and Cappy Moon. Their Moons are semi-sextile, again not that great but not bad either. They have a nice harmonious trine between their Mercury’s, so communication works.

Now their chemistry is white hot because Uranus is part of the picture. He has Mars in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus square her Venus in Pisces and her Mars in Libra is conjunct his Venus in Libra/ASC. My guess is when they met, it was instant attraction! Uranus has an electric quality that creates arcs and sparks. It also can mean abrupt departures are part of the picture and add to the overall drama – appealing to the huntress side of an Aries Sun. The abrupt departure theme is reinforced by his Mars/Uranus conjoining her 7th House cusp and close to her Uranus.

Neptune plays a role for her too as he is in her 7th House and a planet in the 7th often represents our choice in partners until we can begin to integrate the qualities of the planet into ourselves. His Moon/Neptune conjunction is conjunct her Neptune. This can bring a sense of empathy and psychic connection – or – show up as illusions or drug usage. Neptune in relationships can be all about the Un-manifested potential as I know to my sorrow. Exercising caution is always a good plan when Neptune is in the picture.

The second man is a Sagittarius Sun with Moon in Cancer. This means her Aries Sun is square his Moon and his Sagittarius Sun is semi-sextile her Moon in Capricorn – not the best flow between the Luminaries. Their Moons form a complementary opposition, a good indicator for understanding where the other is coming from on an emotional, intuitive level. Their Mercury’s are inconjunct creating a certain difficulty in being able to communicate clearly. His Jupiter/Mercury in Sagittarius are placed in her 7th House, so he clearly brings a sense of optimism and enthusiasm to the partnership. Her Uranus is conjoined his Sun bringing in the Uranus zing to their synastry.

Their chemistry is good with her Mars in Libra conjoining his Venus in Libra and his Mars in Libra inconjunct her Venus in Pisces. Having Mars in the same sign is always good for working on joint projects too – especially Mars in Libra where both like to discuss all approaches before starting . . . =little Libra joke= :-)

These two may have a sense of being drawn together for a purpose, and once that purpose is fulfilled may drift apart. Their Vertex’s are conjunct and her North Node in Cancer is conjoined to his Moon in Cancer indicating a karmic connection for lack of a better word. I got the impression this was a rebound relationship for her and with his Sun conjunct Uranus he may depart abruptly if something strikes him wrong. Sun/Uranus individuals tend to be brilliant but just a tad jumpy at times . . . and her ex partner also has a Sun/Uranus aspect (his Sun is square Uranus). Her Aries Sun does enjoy a challenge!!

The sad part is her first partner has better synastry with her but a host of other issues Neptunian in nature. My advice would be to steer clear until he cleans up his act, also advice based in painful experience. Remember Pluto has been transiting her 7th House and is currently right on her Neptune. As always, I recommend Donna Cunningham’s book “Healing Pluto Problems” whenever I see Pluto as prominently involved as I do both in her chart and by transit. Of course, there are a lot more factors in play that this brief synopsis does not cover.

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