The Natal Chart in Synastry, Part 1 – Pluto

Pluto glyphBecause I keep referring to our natal charts as the starting point of what to consider first when looking at compatibility with others, I thought I would do some posts looking at how the outer planets impact how we relate to others. So I’m going to start with the furthest out, Pluto, and work in towards the Sun . . .

I have touched on Pluto in synastry but there is always more where he is concerned. Pluto is all about the depths of our beings and it can take a lifetime to explore all his mysteries. When looking at a natal chart to get a sense of how the individual will react/respond in relationships, Pluto aspects can offer significant clues. In fact, the two books I read and reviewed here this past year, “The Hades Moon” and “Healing Pluto Problems”, contain a lot of very sound information on the Pluto effect in natal charts. So I will hit some of the high points in this post and suggest both books as resources for further exploration.

Pluto aspecting the Sun, especially by conjunction, square and opposition, points to a tendency to obsess when it comes to relationships. This is an individual who often draws other Plutonians or Scorpios to themselves, and just as often scares the holy crap out of those who are not interested in wading through the darker side of their natures. Often a Pluto transit to the Sun will help this person work their way down to the reasons behind their obsessive behaviors. This is a painful process but can do wonders for freeing us from the worst of our obsessions, making it a lot easier to form good relationships with others.

When the Moon is in aspect to Pluto, the emotional issues are often a source of angst. I suggest reading “The Hades Moon” as a primer on dealing with issues stemming from Moon/Pluto aspects. One of the difficulties with Moon/Pluto aspects is the nature of the Moon herself. She describes our intuitive, unconscious behaviors and feeling nature; and often forgiveness of self and acceptance of what we may view as “bad” is imperative to begin the healing process. The rewards for taking the plunge and healing our emotional wounds can be finding a way to self-respect and better relationships.

Venus and Mars in aspect to Pluto can lead to “sticky fingers”. Pluto here makes it very, very hard to keep from holding on to the object of our desire so hard it destroys the relationship. Mars/Pluto aspects often give us hints as to what type of behaviors we sabotage potentially good relationships with, and Venus/Pluto aspects can be likened to a black hole of neediness. Again the solution lies within our selves . . . we need to find our way to reclaiming our power from the dark side and owning it without judgment. This is possible because I’ve done it . . . but only with help from Donna Cunningham’s tools for dealing with Pluto. Yes, I know, good Plutonian that I am, I keep recommending her books over and over. :-)

Pluto conjuncting the Ascendant or Descendant is obviously going to have an impact in how the person reacts/responds when relating to others on a one-to-one basis too. Pluto on the Ascendant (or Scorpio Rising) is the power player and often lays down the rules in a “my way or the highway” manner. Their partners are often the submissive sorts who don’t mind being bossed around. Having Pluto on the Descendant is the reverse of this – the partner drawn to this individual is the controlling type.

All of the above examples are drawn broadly and I would like to note that there are many people out there who use their Pluto aspects natally in a much less drastic fashion. If you are looking at your chart and seeing Pluto aspects, the best course of action is to start the process of acceptance and understanding. Giving our selves the time to allow healing to take place is important too. This all comes from personal experience in case you are wondering . . . I am a Plutonian and Pluto has transited ALL my personal planets and Ascendant by conjunction. And I’m still here to talk about it!

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