The Natal Chart in Synastry, Part 3 – Uranus

If you are wondering what happened to Part 2 on Neptune, he rendered me inarticulate on his illusive self, so I decided to forge ahead with Uranus. Uranus is nice and straightforward compared to Neptune. He’s the one who pushes us to express who we truly are and to follow the excitement. Uranus can also encourage us to make radical changes and go to extremes of behavior.Uranus plays an interesting role in our charts when it comes to looking at our behavior in relation to others. A person with a strongly Uranus influence in their charts often have an innate restlessness that makes it difficult for them to settle down in one place with one person. Those with Sun/Uranus aspects by sextile and trine seem better able to balance their need for self-expression with the consideration for the needs of their partners . The conjunction and square are found in the charts of brilliant sorts who can get caught up in their personal projects and completely forget little things like lunch dates, anniversaries, etc. With the opposition, it’s the partner that is brilliant and erratic!Moon/Uranus aspects point to emotional independence. At the far end of the spectrum are people who are quite solitary in nature and don’t quite understand why others need intimate relationships. Again it’s the conjunction and square in the chart that indicate the extreme. Those of us with Uranus trine or sextile to our Moons have an easier time finding a balance between intimacy and solitude. Air and Fire sign Moons deal better with a dynamic Uranus aspect than do Water and Earth Moons. The Water sign Moons in particular who are drawn to merging with their partners find a dynamic aspect with Uranus particularly disconcerting. The Moon/Uranus opposition can find one attracting an emotionally distant or unavailable partner.

I’m going to touch lightly on Uranus/Mercury aspects because these show up in the charts of those with lots of intelligence, occasionally bordering on genius. These individuals can operate at such a different level than most people it’s hard for them to find something to talk about over coffee or drinks. The “common” touch is often missing making it hard for them to relate to others. Their challenge is to find someone who can talk their language.

Venus and Mars in aspect to Uranus operate similarly – Venus functions by drawing others to us and Mars is how we pursue. Both of these planets when aspected by Uranus can make our love lives very exciting or make us feel like we are caught in a revolving door with lovers coming and going unexpectedly. There is a decidedly selfish element here especially if Uranus is conjunct, square or opposed to your natal Venus or Mars. This can be moderated by awareness of what’s going on. The sextile and trine are often found in charts of creative sorts who are good at thinking of original ways to enjoy themselves.

If you have an accurate natal chart based on a good birth time, Uranus aspecting the Ascendant and Descendant are strong clues to your relationship style too. Obviously a person with Uranus conjunct the Ascendant will project an aura of independence and originality – a “one of a kind” vibe. For those who are interested in this person, they may have to get to know them well enough to move past the public image. With Uranus conjunct the Descendant, we draw partners who are often brilliant and unpredictable. The challenge here for someone who desires a stable, durable relationship is to incorporate those qualities into themselves . . .

Hopefully, I will be able to get back to Neptune once he starts moving forward and quits messing with my mind!!

This is the Tower tarot card from the Adrian Tarot deck. This cutting edge artwork seemed to fit Uranus the best.

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