What is going on with this Relationship? Where’s the attraction?

I received a request to take a look at the synastry between a Leo lady and her Virgo boyfriend. Even though we don’t have an exact birth time for him, we decided to check out what was going on.

Using the shorthand method, I found mostly semi-sextiles (the aspect between neighboring signs)! There is a possibility he could have a Leo Moon if he were born very late in the day and that would be very helpful to the synastry between these two. As it is his Moon is in Cancer and semi-sextile her Leo Sun and square her Libra Moon – not the most promising aspects for a good home life. Their Mercury’s are semi-sextile too.

They both have Mars in Air Signs, giving them a nice parallel approach to taking action and her Venus is in Cancer and his is in Virgo – again shared interests and ideas of what’s fun. The flow from the Mars to Venus in both cases is OK but with not a lot in common. His Uranus squares her Venus and that’s a sign of instant attraction with the caveat the Uranus individual can lose interest just as quickly . . . drat! With her Neptune square his Venus, there is an element of romance generated too.

So what’s the connection?! They have one powerful intra-aspect with Venus and Saturn in both charts. His Saturn is conjunct her Venus and her Saturn is square his Venus. This is an indicator of an enduring bond of some kind with Saturn involved but not necessarily good for a romantic relationship. They also have some very good Mercury aspects in synastry (Thanks, Matthew!!). His Venus is conjunct her Mercury and his Mercury is conjunct her Moon/Uranus conjunction. This gives them the sense the other really does listen and cares what the other is saying.

His Pluto conjuncts her Moon/Uranus and Pluto can produce a powerful bond though control issues often arise with Pluto in synastry. His Neptune is sextile her Moon/Uranus too and that leads me to think he does see her in a romantic light. Another indicator of her attraction for him is her Ascendant in Taurus is trine his Venus and Sun in Virgo, so her appearance and the way she presents herself in public is a draw for him.

This is a case where the birth time can make a great deal of difference in the synastry. If he does have a Leo Moon conjuncting her Leo Sun, then the possibility of the relationship evolving are much better. We need the lift we get from good energy flowing between the Luminaries to give a relationship a foundation to build on. She does have her Moon conjunct Uranus indicating a certain emotional independence but Leo’s need warmth and appreciation to thrive.

By the way, Mae West, that most memorable actress was a Leo with Taurus Rising!! Now there was a woman with Style and who knew how to work it.

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