Shifting Consciousness in 2007

Bust of Janus, Vatican Museum

Janus, the Roman god of gates, doors, beginnings, and endings for whom our first month of January is named.

[NOTE: This article originally appeared on The Pisces Chronicles on December 31, 2006. ]

What would New Year’s Day be without a look back over the previous year and some predictions for the future?

Most of you who read my blog probably know that January was named for the Roman god Janus, who is usually depicted with two faces, one looking forward and one looking back. In Roman mythology, he was the god of endings and beginnings and was the guardian of gates and doorways. Here’s a nice summary from Wikipedia:

Janus was frequently used to symbolize change and transitions such as the progression of past to future, of one condition to another, of one vision to another, the growing up of young people, and of one universe to another. Hence, Janus was worshipped at the beginnings of the harvest and planting times, as well as marriages, births and other beginnings. He was representative of the middle ground between barbarity and civilization, rural country and urban cities, and youth and adulthood.

We live in transitional times overall, going from one great astrological age to the next. My blog began a little over a year ago with this theme in mind. As the name suggests, it’s meant as a chronicle of our collective experience as the Age of Pisces gives way to the Age of Aquarius. Some readers have suggested that it’s not simply an objective report, but a catalyst for change.

In many ways, 2006 was a critical year in this transition, and 2007 will be even more so. We might say that 2006 was the setup.

Astrologically speaking, the big aspects in 2006 were the continuing mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune, Pluto’s approach to the Galactic Core, the beginning of the three-part opposition between Saturn and Neptune, the T-square with Jupiter, and the shift of the lunar North Node into Pisces.

These aspects continue and intensify in 2007, except for the T-square with Jupiter, who’s now powerfully positioned in his home sign of Sagittarius. Moreover, he’s in a conflicting square to Uranus, which we’re feeling very heavily as the new year begins. Change is upon us, and largely because we are tired of living within constraints.

Although I haven’t conducted a comprehensive survey, most astrologers seem to think we’re already in the Age of Aquarius. As justification, they cite space travel, the Internet, and other technologically advances that, to be sure, are all within the realm of Aquarius and its ruler, Uranus. But as impressive as these developments are (I’m still amazed every time the airplane I’m on gets off the ground), they are mere dabbling, considering what is truly possible. In another 60 years or so, our achievements will look as primitive as carving a message into a clay tablet and sending it via a human messenger on foot.

Aquarius also represents the power of the mind, and it rules astrology. This is where our greatest potential lies, and it’s why 2006 was such an important year. This was the year we got beamed. Those of us who felt it are assimilating the message and making the corresponding internal adjustments. Many of us in astrology also have changed our focus or are in the process of changing.

My single prediction for 2007 is that humanity will undergo a significant awakening. Does that mean everyone will suddenly “get it?” No. But we will reach critical mass by the end of the year, just as Pluto is heading into Capricorn, and this will result in even bigger changes in 2008, some of which may be impossible for us to imagine right now.

In my last article, I posted a link to Michael Lutin’s analysis of Pluto in Capricorn. In case you missed the comments section, I also posted a link to an article by Ray Merriman on world events related to the cycles of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto [UPDATE: This link is no longer valid]. These articles have a very different focus but, taken together, provide what I believe to be an accurate glimpse of the next 20 years. According to Ray, we’re experiencing a cultural Renaissance, while Michael says we’re in for some major turbulence, at least in the United States. These are not mutually exclusive predictions. Birth is a violent act – T.S. Eliot called April “the cruelest month” for this reason – so why should rebirth (“renaissance,” in French) be any different?

Twenty years isn’t even a fraction of a second in the history of humanity, much less the history of the planet. If a paradigm shift occurred over 20 years due to an awakening that took place in 2006-2008, you rightfully could call it an overnight change.

So what’s all this got to do with astrology?

As I see it, the biggest advances are going to come out of our conscious awareness of unseen forces in the universe and our understanding of how we can harness these forces, using the power of our minds, to create the world we want. Right now, the best tool we have for understanding these forces is astrology. Quantum physics will play a role, too. Since it’s not likely that quantum physicists will start studying astrology anytime soon (their loss), it might be a good idea for the new crop of astrologers to start studying quantum physics.

A keyword for Aquarius is “synthesis.” One hallmark of the Age of Aquarius will be the synthesis of various sciences and disciplines. Before we can get there, we need to get out of the either/or mentality that currently has us so polarized. This will happen naturally given time, but those of us who are aware of it must strive to overcome it in ourselves.

I challenge you to make this your New Year’s resolution. No matter how broad-minded and inclusive you think you are, you probably are rejecting something that is valid. Most of us tend to stick with what makes us comfortable and to “make wrong” anything that makes us uncomfortable. There’s your hint for where to start.

Fortunately, with so much energy channeling through Sagittarius, the sign of expanded mind and spirit, we’ve got the cosmic wind at our back to get to our new destination, which might very well be new universe.

Happy New Universe, Happy New Year!

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