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Weekly Forecast June 23: Mars Opposite Uranus, New Moon in Cancer

New Moon Over the Sea. © Algol for Dreamstime.com

New Moon Over the Sea. © Algol for Dreamstime.com

It has been a crazy week. Mercury’s return to Gemini seems to have brought resolution to several issues I was having, but now I’ve fallen way behind in my work, another common occurrence when the Messenger is in reverse mode.

It took the better part of the week to troubleshoot my Internet connection, which has been working properly for three days but is showing signs of instability. This is totally not funny. The rug situation, however, continued to get more and more ridiculous. If I wrote a sitcom based on this transaction, the producers would criticize it as too contrived. There is no way I could make this stuff up.

I’m hoping the trend of resolving issues will continue so that I can get caught up. Continue reading