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Ask Real Astrologers: How Do Pluto Transits Affect Children?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from “Concerned Mom” in Laguna Niguel, Calif.:

My 11-year-old son has a 5 [degree] Cappy Moon and has been so stressed for some time, very emotional and bad dreams sometimes. I think Pluto is hitting it and all the action this past summer. I don’t know that much about astrology but was wondering a couple things. How long would this tension exist for him – gosh, he’s just a kid, and Pluto moves so slow. And how can I make it easier for him? Watch for transits, or ???

P.S. I love your blog!

Yes, Mom, Pluto has been hitting your boy’s Moon hard, and that has got to be tough for such a young person. Pluto on the Moon is hard enough for adults – just ask Al Gore – so it has to be almost unbearable for a poor kid.

Actually, I’ve already done a post on this transit and usually I don’t repeat a topic. But your question gives me the opportunity to point out that children often feel astrological transits more acutely than adults do, since they tend to be far more sensitive. For children, the cardinal T-square could manifest exactly as you describe. It’s so fortunate that you understand enough about astrology to know that it could be impacting your son’s behavior. I can only imagine how many kids might have been put on Ritalin this summer for their behavioral “problems.”

Because Pluto has been at the apex of the T-square, that means your son also has a square from Saturn to his Moon and from Jupiter and Uranus to his Moon. Difficult transits from Saturn to the Moon can indicate periods of depression, while Uranus-Moon transits often manifest as nervous anxiety. Your son also has cardinal signs on all four chart angles, and his chart ruler is the Moon. He must feel like an electrical wire during a power surge.

Pluto went retrograde on April 6 exactly conjunct your son’s Moon, and then the T-square became more intense, until it reached peak power in early August. It has dissipated for the time being but will back next spring. In the meantime, Pluto has returned direct and will make one last pass over your son’s Moon in early January. You’re right – that’s an awful long time to be going through so much stress. The good news is that he’ll never have to deal with that again in his lifetime.

The Moon represents mother, and Rising Cancer needs the comforts of mother and home. I used to work with someone who had a Cancer daughter about your son’s age, and she had a bed full of stuffed animals that my colleague referred to as her “nest.” Every night at bedtime, she snuggled into her nest. Perhaps something like that would be comforting to your son. Extra attention from you and soothing reassurance would help, too. If he likes to draw or paint, that could help him express some of his feelings.

Keep in mind that the cardinal T-square is pushing us all to grow and evolve, and that applies to children as well as adults. Perhaps children are even more open to expanding their minds, as they are still forming what I call the “thought matrix.”

If the stress gets too much, though, I’d have to recommend professional help. Perhaps you could find a family counselor with some knowledge of astrology or, at least, a Jungian therapist who works with archetypes. Your little guy needs lots of extra support. Mom probably does, too.

Here’s a great big hug to both of you. Thanks for writing. I hope this helps.

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