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Saturday Extra! Year of the Tiger

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Lanterns are the traditional decorations for the Chinese New Year. Also called the Spring Festival, the celebration goes on for two weeks and is marked by special foods, much as we celebrate the winter holidays. Photo by Alexander F. Yuan for The Associated Press.

With all the activity in the sky lately, I totally forgot about the Chinese New Year, which always begins at the New Moon in Aquarius.

As you probably know, this is the Year of the Tiger. In Chinese astrology, there are twelve signs, all animals. Each lunar year has an animal associated with it, along with one of five traditional Chinese elements. This year, the element is Metal.

What you may not know is that each of the Chinese animal signs has a counterpart in Western astrology. The Tiger is associated with Aquarius, and it’s no coincidence that traits associated with the Tiger mirror many of the characteristics of the Water Bearer. I’m not an expert in Chinese astrology. For the most part, I rely on Theodora Lau’s classic Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes. Here is what she says about the Metal Tiger:

He approaches his problems in a direct or even a radical way and is never in doubt about what he wants to accomplish. The problem is that he wants too much too soon. He tends to be overoptimistic about expected results.

When Metal is combined with his native lunar sign, it could produce a Tiger who is sudden, unorthodox and drastic in his actions. He is a person who is faithful only to himself and his desires, and doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes along the way. Easily stirred by both good and bad influences, this Tiger will tend to act independently, as he hates having to get permission for anything or having his freedom curtailed in any way.

The last time we had a year of the Metal Tiger was 1950. Among the events that year were the Korean War, construction of the hydrogen bomb, and the beginning of Sen. Joe McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunts.

Tiger years traditionally are associated with social upheaval and sweeping change, events that Western astrologers associate with Uranus, the modern planetary ruler of Aquarius. Although Chinese astrologers don’t cast ingress charts as we do in the West, it’s interesting to note that the Year of the Tiger began with the New Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron. I fervently hope that the sweeping changes we experience this year have to do with healing and connecting with others to help bring about much-needed changes on the planet. Of course, this may not be easy or comfortable.

Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Congratulations and be prosperous!)
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