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Pisces Rising: The Pisces Soul

Ruth’s series on Esoteric Astrology began in November 2010. Since that time, she has introduced us to this very different perspective and taken us through the zodiac three times as we explored the sign pairs, soul rulers, and Rising signs through the lens of Soul Astrology. This will be her last regular post on RealAstrologers as she moves on into other work. She will be back from time to time with articles on other topics. I hope you have gained as much as I have from Ruth’s wisdom and insight. Don’t forget that there’s an archive of her posts, in case you missed any or would like to go back and re-read your favorites. (I have been remiss in linking to all of her Rising Sign series but will do so soon). Also, you can continue to follow Ruth on her own website. ~Pat

Pisces SoulAs we complete our journey around the zodiac exploring the love-based expressions and fear-based reactions of the signs, we finally arrive at the magnificent and mysterious twelfth sign of Pisces: the sign of the Sacred Heart.

The sign of Pisces is associated with escapism, suffering, retreats, religious orders, prisons, everything illusory and glamorous: photography, the movie industry, and … oceanic consciousness, devotion, and universal love. To understand the mysteries of this seemingly contradictory sign, we need to understand what is sometimes known as the “veil” of our illusion; how it is our illusion that causes suffering, and how disillusionment or seeing reality as it truly is can be an end to suffering and Continue reading