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Short Compatibility Report Sample: Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi

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This is an example of a Compatibility Short Report looking at the natal charts first for an idea as to how each individual responds in relationships and moving on the synastry aspects between the charts. I’ve chosen Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi because a) they have been married for many years and b) this will show how much information is available using one good birth time and one unknown birth time. [I was not comfortable writting this report addressing Patrick directly as is my normal practice . . . weird but true] Here is a link to view this report:  Sample Synastry Report for Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi

The Relationship Snapshot Report will cover essentially the first portion of the Short Compatibility Report, the natal charts and shorthand look. This still can answer the question of whether the relationship is one worth pursuing, or why it isn’t. We can also figure out if relationship issues are best resolved by working on your own “stuff” too.

If you have complete birth data for both parties, then it may be worthwhile to go with the Full Compatibility Report which includes a discussion of the Composite chart derived from the mid-points of both charts. The Composite chart can be easily relocated to where you are currently living. When I calculated a Composite chart for my husband and I based on our location rather than birth places, the Sun, Venus, Jupiter stellium moved from the twelfth house into the first – a huge difference in how the relationship is perceived by others. In other words, it is obvious to all who meet us we are a happily married couple because it’s right there for everyone to see!

When I can find a celebrity couple with good complete birth data for both people, I will do a sample of the Composite chart section of the Full Compatibility Report. If anyone knows of such a couple, please point me in their direction – who they are doesn’t matter, good birth times do! [Now you know my priorities . . . good data!!]

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Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi – Enduring Love

swayzes  When I read in the news that Patrick Swayze had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, I was saddened. He has long been a favorite of mine as an actor and as an example of a Hollywood celebrity whose marriage works.

He and Lisa Niemi met when she was 15 and he was 19, and they were married in June 1975. That will be 34 years this coming June – great by any standards and extraordinary by film industry standards.

Of course, being an astrologer, the first thing I did was track down their birth data and look at the synastry between their charts.  ::grin:: 

Patrick has both Sun and Moon in Leo, with Virgo rising and Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra in the first house. I’ve observed that Saturn in Libra people either spend as little time as possible married or are faithfully married forever. Patrick falls in the latter category and describes himself as loyal almost to a fault. Lisa’s Sun is in Gemini with the Moon likely in Sagittarius. I don’t know for sure, because I couldn’t find a birth time for her.

A look at the personal planets by sign shows solid compatibility between them. His Leo Sun is harmoniously trine her Sagittarius Moon, and her Gemini Sun forms a friendly sextile to his Moon in Leo. Having the luminaries in compatible elements, in this case fire and air, is an excellent basis for understanding. They both have the Moon in a fire signs giving them an intuitive understanding of the other on the emotional level.

His Mercury in Leo (widely conjunct his Sun) is sextile her Mercury in Gemini (closely conjunct her Sun) making communications a snap! Because they both have Sun conjunct Mercury, there is a strong parallel working here, too. They have great chemistry, too, indicated by the harmonious trine between her Venus in Cancer and his Mars in Scorpio.

In synastry, Saturn is the planet we look to for determining durability in relationships. Patrick and Lisa have a set of Sun/Saturn aspects demonstrating how this works. Her Sun is trine his Saturn and his Sun is square her Saturn. They chose to marry (Saturn likes signed documents) rather than live together, and it obviously works for them. A couple more Saturn aspects in their synastry: her Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct his Mars in Scorpio and his Saturn in Libra is square her Venus in Cancer. These aspects both fall in the stabilizing category and show up with great frequency between couples in enduring marriages.

Jupiter graces this pair with a sense of fun and optimism shown by a matched set of Mars/Jupiter squares (a little over the top but who cares) and a powerful conjunction between her Jupiter/Pluto and his Sun/South Node/Pluto in Leo. The second synastry aspect was the first one that caught my eye. There is another nodal aspect – her Mars is conjunct his North Node – yes, her planets conjunct both ends of his nodal axis! Aspects to the lunar nodes in synastry indicate karmic forces at work.

In many ways, these two support and encourage each other (the Saturn and Jupiter aspects) and have a wonderful sounding board in one another (Sun/Mercury aspects). Here is an instance where the astrology of the relationship clearly supports the reality. I wish them well in their current battle with Patrick’s cancer.

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Importance of Birth Time in Compatibility Reports