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Weekly Forecast August 25: New Moon in Virgo, Mars Conjunct Saturn

Late Summer Sun. © Gretchen Friedrich, 2014.

Late Summer Sun. © Gretchen Friedrich, 2014.

This week starts right out with the New Moon in Virgo, establishing a new cycle of diligence and discernment.

It couldn’t come at a better time. The brazenness of the propaganda coming out of Washington and its European allies these days is truly astounding, although not any more shocking than the depths to which mainstream journalism has sunk. Finding an objective source of news is nearly impossible, and thoughtful readers are hungry for Continue reading

Weekly Forecast November 15: Venus and Jupiter Direct

Big trees. Old growth in Wenatchee National Forest. © Pat Paquette, 2010

We’re in a weird space as this week begins, with three planets stationed.

Neptune went direct more than a week ago but has moved forward by only one arc minute, so for all practical purposes, he’s standing still. Jupiter stations on Tuesday and will remain at a dead stop for the rest of the week. Venus has a smaller orbit and so doesn’t remain at a standstill for long, but she’s moving real slow. Then there’s Uranus, moving at just two arc minutes a day.

I had vivid dreams the past few nights about being in Russia and India. Was I channeling Obama or Jonathan Cainer? Or just picking up psychic noise? It was so very strange.

If it feels like you’re in a freeze-frame, enjoy the moment and use this energy … because you can use it. This is a powerful time to visualize the creative changes you want to make in your life – sort of like sending your Christmas wish list to Santa.

On Monday, Mars sextiles Saturn and the Sun trines Jupiter. Mars-Saturn combinations usually aren’t very much fun, but this one creates a favorable environment for detailed planning for the future. Visualize that wish list and then do your back-of-the-envelope calculations for how you’ll get what you want. Ask yourself whether your goals are realistic and whether you have the resources to accomplish them. You can cross off your list anything that doesn’t pass the reality check or contribute to a balanced life.

The Sun-Jupiter trine is even better and should help boost our optimism about what’s possible. We can be realistic and practical, without feeling like we have to stay inside the lines and think inside the box. Indeed, the Sun also will trine Uranus on Friday, and that’s where our creativity and innovative spirit gets a big shot in the arm.

But I’m getting ahead of myself …

On Wednesday, Mercury sextiles Saturn, adding mental acuity and big thinking to the muscle of Mars. If you can imagine it, it’s possible.

Thursday is the big day this week, when both Jupiter and Venus return direct within a few hours of one another. Jupiter and Venus traditional were considered the benefics – the lucky planets. When Jupiter is retrograde, it’s not so bad. He’s just asleep at the wheel and isn’t all that helpful. Once he wakes up, yawns, and stretches, I expect that we’ll all be experiencing some major breakthroughs, whether material, emotional, spiritual, or all three.

Venus is another matter. She can be quite vicious in retrograde mode, although thank goddess she returned to Libra for her station. A lot of you contacted me with serious issues during this retrograde, mostly regarding romantic relationships, but there were financial setbacks, too. If you ended a relationship during this retrograde, don’t try to force a repair. Just observe for a bit and take time to reflect on what you really want. It’s quite possible that your goals and desires have changed.

Earlier on Thursday, the Sun squares Neptune and Chiron, which will be at the apex of a brief fixed T-square at this Sunday’s Full Moon. Some of you might feel tired and discouraged, and others might have momentary delusions of grandeur. However, I don’t see this as the dominant energy, and if it rains on your parade it all, you should only feel a drop or two. If you’re tired or coming down with the seasonal crud that’s going around, use this time to rest.

On Saturday, Saturn squares Ceres. This is the third and final pass of a three-part square that began on March 24 and repeated on June 16. The cardinal T-square was ramping up back then. What we saw was a conflict between infrastructure, energy production, and the environment. So, I would expect another incident that brings this message full circle.

Speaking of environmental consequences, there is a tragic outbreak of cholera in Haiti as a result of the cramped, makeshift living conditions since the country was devastated by an earthquake in January. Mount Merapi in Indonesia also continues to erupt, and the death toll is rising. These situations are two examples of how the cardinal T-square has unfolded, both before and after its peak in July and August. Ceres was a substantial influence in the planetary alignment.

On Sunday, there will be a Full Moon at 29 degrees Taurus, and it will form a fixed T-square with Neptune and Chiron at the apex. I’ll have a full analysis in a day or two (I didn’t post yesterday, because the Full Moon is still a week away). In the meantime, keep your eye on the prize.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat