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Weekly Forecast August 24: Mercury, Venus, Mars Change Signs

Venus in LeoMercury, Venus, and Mars all change signs this week, and with the Sun newly arrived in Virgo, it’s as though the sands are shifting under our feet as we walk … just as we have to start walking a lot faster.

Overall, we’re in a period of shifting and swift change, and this can mean temporary disorientation and discomfort. Those of us with a lot of fixed signs in our charts will have a more difficult time, whereas the cardinal signs should be quite happy for things to get moving finally!

Mars enters Cancer on Tuesday, with Mercury entering Libra just a few hours later. This means they are square one another, and they both engage Pluto in challenging aspects on Wednesday — Mars by opposition and Mercury by square. Most of you know enough about astrology to know that when Mars and Pluto face off, we end up in power struggles. These can be with another person, or groups can oppose one another. Or, we may face internal conflicts. Perhaps we struggle with an addiction.

Normally, Mercury in Libra would be a good antidote, as Libra is the sign of peace, harmony, and conciliation. However, attempts to intervene between opposing parties could backfire this week, even with the best of intentions. If you find yourself in the middle of an argument or conflict of any kind, step back and think about what’s at the root of the problem. Unfortunately, since Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are all cardinal signs, there’s going to be a whole lot of talking and action without thinking first.

Complicating matters is that Mercury is in pre-retrograde shadow. He’ll be retrograde September 7-29, during which he’ll return to Virgo for three weeks. During that time, we’ll get to reflect on any issues that come up this week and perhaps revise how we want to handle them. But there may be breakdowns in communications first. As always, when life is moving this fast, the best approach is to stay in the moment and not think too far ahead. There is a potential for rapid change now, and we’re going to have to stay in the flow.

As I mentioned in my Saturday Extra! post, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is creeping up on us. It’s within four degrees, which is enough for us to start feeling the effects. Most of you probably know by now where these two are transiting your chart. If not, look at the houses in which they’re opposed in your natal chart for clues. For example, if they’re located in the fourth and tenth houses, situations at home or with your family may be interfering with your effort to get a new job. An opposition in the fifth and eleventh houses could bring conflicts between caring for children and your social responsibilities, or perhaps you’re in a situation in which someone is transgressing boundaries between friends and lovers.

The good news is that Venus enters Leo on Wednesday, which brings some festivity into our lives. She’s out of synch with Mars, but she’ll be in a bright sextile with Mercury on Friday, and since Mercury is in her sign, this will be a good night for patching up disputes. Go out and have a good time together, and enjoy the moment.

Just don’t let it interfere with your obligations and responsibilities, because there’s no forgiveness this week for not meeting your commitments. I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but I need to let you know that failing to keep promises and commitments will be met with a swift reminder on Saturday, when the Moon in Capricorn triggers the Mars-Pluto opposition.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Venus in Leo is the party girl! Here, she’s wearing a beautiful beaded mask as she gets ready for a samba parade at Carnival in Sao Paulo earlier this year. Photo by Mauricio Lima for Agence France-Presse.