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Saturday Extra: Mercury On Pause

hummer hoveringI don’t usually use the same post on Neithnet as here but this image was so perfect for the current state of affairs in the sky, it seemed like the thing to do.

Between Mercury stationing direct today, Chiron stationing retrograde, Neptune stationing retrograde yesterday and Saturn, while now direct, still barely moving, I’m stuck in neutral along with lots of other people. Maybe this is affecting me more because it’s a third house/Mercury event in my chart. Neptune and Chiron are both in my third house and Mercury is opposing my natal Mercury from the sixth house.

The Sun is in Gemini revving everyone up to talk, talk, talk but nothing is coming out! Well, maybe a whole lot of nothing. :::grin::: Personally I’m getting all these wonderful ideas that whip across the front of my mind and disappear into smoke. Oh, sometimes I’m making a note here and there but will have to review this info at a later date when the fog lifts.

This photo of a hummingbird at the feeder illustrates this well – going a gazillion miles an hour and going nowhere. Getting a good shot here and there is actually a pretty good use of Neptune in the third.

Let’s see if next week will be better than this last one.

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