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Ask Real Astrologers: Why Can’t I Heal My Back Pain?

This week’s question comes from Wendy in Hobart, Australia:

Why can I not heal my chronic pain in my lower left side back? I have worked on this on all levels, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, for years.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

I can really sympathize with you, Wendy, as I injured my back a year ago, and I have chronic pain, a lot of it in the lower left side. In my case, however, the pain is directly related to an injury, which is different from chronic pain that persists for years.

Astrology is indeed a useful tool for dealing with this kind of pain, as it informs us of your energetic imprint and helps us detect where you may have built-in weaknesses. You didn’t give us a birth time, so I constructed a sunrise chart for you. This gives us an idea of planetary aspects but not house placements, which are very important in doing this kind of detective work. That said, a couple of things jump out at me in your chart.

First, you have a fixed T-square with Mars and Venus on one side, opposite Jupiter and the Moon, with Saturn and Pluto conjunct at the apex in Leo, which rules the heart and back. There are strong suggestions here of issues with mother and father. I know that sounds kind of Freudian and cliché, but our parents have such a huge impact on us, in ways we’re often unaware of, that many people do end up with lifelong issues as a result of their early childhood experience. Since you’ve already been doing emotional work, you’re probably aware of this.

Second, Mars currently is retrograde, and he’s sitting right on your natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which means he’s also activating your fixed T-square. If you’re having a major flare-up right now, it’s no surprise.

It’s beyond the scope of this column to explore all of the details. I strongly suggest that you find a good medical astrologer, who not only will dig more deeply into your chart, but who will help you find the best approach to heal. Bodies are different, and some respond better to certain treatments than others.

I literally feel your pain and wish you the best in finding relief.

Libra ponders . . .

Diane’s response:

Wendy, Pat covered the essentials for you, and I concur about consulting a good medical astrologer.

I would like to note a couple of other important aspects in your chart. One is an aspect to Mercury, the planet that rules your Gemini Sun, and the second is an aspect to your Sun itself.

Your Mercury is widely conjunct Uranus, gifting you with an exceptionally quick and agile mind. If you are used to being able to think your way around just about any problem, this is why. Pluto in Sagittarius opposed your Uranus and Mercury from sometime in 2004 until it moved into Capricorn in 2008 – a very important transit for you. Pluto transits have a way of making us review all sorts of uncomfortable issues in ourselves and our lives.

The second aspect is the natal trine between your Gemini Sun and Neptune in Libra. While this aspect is wonderful for any type of creative work, it also gives one a dislike for unpleasantness of any kind. Neptune in Libra is noted for choosing peace at any price . . . I know this, because my Libra Moon conjoins Neptune.

Sometimes hidden stressors are the source of physical aches and pains, and we are reluctant to acknowledge them, knowing how difficult they will be to deal with. As Saturn in Libra closes on your natal Neptune in Libra in September and October 2010, you may have opportunities to explore that possibility.

Best wishes on sorting this out, Wendy. Take advantage of Saturn’s transit through Libra over the year or so trine your Gemini planets and you may solve this yet!

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Ask Real Astrologers: Worst Chart Ever?

This week’s question comes from Jacy in North Carolina:

I pretty much know I have one of the worst natal charts ever: Ascendant, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra all square my Saturn in Capricorn, and Midheaven in early Leo in the twelfth and first houses. Pluto in Scorpio in the first. Moon in Sagittarius opposite my Mars in Gemini in the eighth. Saturn is also the ruler of my third house. Oh, the irony. I try to come off friendly, but I feel it’s all in vain. People just feel that I’m cold and indifferent. I personally feel the twelfth house and Saturn squares the strongest. How do I deal with such a strong Saturn and twelfth house influences?

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Jacy, first I want to say welcome to Libra’s world of scrambling from one end of the see-saw to the other. And second, it’s not that uncommon for a person with a combust Mercury (closely conjunct the Sun) to have a difficult time understanding how they come across to others.

I would place all your Libra planets in your first house rather than any in the twelfth. If a planet is within five degrees of the cusp of the next house, its influence is felt in that house especially when it is the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, and Nadir. In your chart, all your Libra planets and Ascendant are within three degrees of each other, creating a stellium and can be treated as if they were one.

Yes, Saturn squares in the natal chart can be a pain, but if you follow Saturn’s rules and behave responsibly, you will be rewarded – always. The most frustrating part of working with Saturn is there are no shortcuts. Something to consider is that even though Libra and Capricorn are square, they do understand each other. Capricorn appreciates Libra’s fairness and analytical approach, while Libra admires Capricorn’s sensible, matter-of-fact attitude.

This format doesn’t allow for a more in-depth look at your chart and I suggest you find an astrologer you like and work with them. There is lots of information available in books and online, but pulling it all together and making sense of it is the challenge!

Keep studying and asking questions of yourself and others, Jacy!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Jacy, please pardon my saying so, but this is far from the worst natal chart ever!

I’ve seen many more-challenging ones, starting with my own, which stumped even Rob Hand, arguably the greatest living astrologer on the planet. Not only do I have a fixed T-square in a sensitive spot, but I’ve got a Moon-Saturn square that has manifested in some most unpleasant ways. And just when I thought mine was the “worst ever,” I met a man with not one but two fixed T-squares, one of which virtually ensures that it will be nearly impossible for him to find a fulfilling, intimate relationship with a woman unless he is willing to do a ton of work … and we all know what people with a lot of fixed energy in their charts think about that!

Looking at it another way, “easy” charts aren’t necessarily desirable, either. Typically, people without some challenges in their charts (squares, oppositions, or difficult conjunctions) end up totally overwhelmed in a crisis and can’t cope. People with difficult charts learn to cope early and often, and if we are willing to do the work it takes to overcome these handicaps, we end up much stronger and wiser.

The square between your Libra planets and Saturn is what will do this for you, and I concur totally with Neith’s evaluation. It’s wonderful that you are starting this introspection so early in your life.

You are going to be just fine!

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