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Weekly Forecast September 29: New Moon in Libra, Mars enters Scorpio

BUSTED!We’ll feel a major energy shift this week as Mars enters his own sign of Scorpio. Relationships continue to be our focus, but there are twists and complications.

That’s not until Friday, though, so I’m getting ahead of myself. The week begins with the New Moon in Libra, which Neith wrote about at length in a post last week. By the way, her lunation posts are drawing record numbers of page views for us, and we are now read in all 50 states and nearly 100 countries around the world!

The Moon remains in Libra on Tuesday and conjoins Mercury and Mars and trines Neptune. Mercury just turned retrograde and either is wreaking havoc with your relationships or allowing you to go back and review where you took a wrong turn — not that these two effects are mutually exclusive. Sometimes we need to be forced to deal with issues we’d rather avoid. Put another way, the more deeply you’re in denial, the harsher the wakeup call. But if you’ve been hoping for an opportunity for a healing heart-to-heart talk, you can have it now. Embrace all that comes your way, and make a special effort not to avoid necessary confrontation. Used properly, conflict leads to growth.

On Thursday (Friday in the Eastern Hemisphere), Mars sextiles Pluto. Modern astrologers use Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio, but Mars remains Scorpio’s co-ruler. When these two are in a favorable relationship, their combined energies are available to help us shift out of thought and behavior patterns that may be keeping us stuck. Mars will carry this powerful Plutonian charge with him as he enters Scorpio at 9:34 p.m. Friday on the West Coast of the United States.

Since mid-August, the Warrior has been in Libra, where he is decidedly less warlike but stripped of his vital energy. Until last week, Venus also was in Libra, one of the two signs she rules. These symbols of divine masculine and feminine conjoined on September 11 in her sign, giving the upper hand to feminine qualities of diplomacy and compromise. He went along, but he may have whined about it, or perhaps he expressed his displeasure through passive-aggressive means such as little digs or inner rebellion.

Well, now the tables are turned. He is at his best, while she is not. Mars in Scorpio knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. It is not through cajoling or gentle persuasion, but through targeted action. If he meets with resistance, he will resort to whatever means necessary. Some of those means might not be very nice, but they will be effective.

Venus in Scorpio knows what she wants, too, or at least she thinks she does. She may obsess endlessly on it and use underhanded means such as manipulation and subtle lies. Then, once she gets it, she may not want it anymore.

So what does all of this mean for you?

You may notice after Friday that you are tired of endless negotiating and putting up with less than you want and deserve. If you’re not getting what you want in a relationship, a job, or some other situation, be honest and open, and be firm. Demands and threats won’t work. You’ll need to put your money where your mouth is.

At every step of the way, examine your motives, especially if others are standing in your way. Do you really want what you think you want? Are you engaging in a hidden struggle for power and control? Or are you perhaps standing in your own way by controlling a part of you that needs to be expressed and heard? Are you telling yourself you need to be nice, when a tougher stance may be more appropriate?

If you do need to discuss a relationship, Saturday’s trine between Mercury and Chiron will help you discuss hurt feelings. Don’t expect any immediate resolution. Just be content to get the issues out in the open.

Sunday’s Venus-Jupiter sextile brings some relief in the way of a little self-indulgence. Remember, a little will go a long way, so there’s no need to go overboard and leave yourself with the equivalent of a hangover on Monday.

Hang in there.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Mars and Venus Surprised by Apollo, by Hendrick de Clerck (1570-1629). I concede that there’s a certain cheesiness to this image, and you have to wonder whether the artist used a female model for Venus. But several artists from this era painted this theme, which for some reason was very popular at the time.

New Moon in Libra, September 29, 2008

New Moon by Maxfield ParrishThis is the first New Moon following the autumnal equinox and is the doorway to the period leading up the winter solstice, which marks the end of one solar year and the beginning of the new one.

Any New Moon in Libra always draws attention to our one-on-one relationships, matters of equity and justice, making informed decisions, and focusing attention on the “other” rather than ourselves. Libra is the halfway point of the astrological year and a good time to look at what has happened since the New Moon in Aries six months ago. With five planets in air signs in this chart, the intellectual approach to problem-solving is favored.

Since Mercury in Libra is retrograde on the New Moon, reviewing old business is a far better option than attempting to start something new, even though Mars is still conjunct Mercury, encouraging us to take action. Perhaps a better use of this cardinal energy is to sit down with our partners and take a look at what works and what doesn’t. The trine from Mercury in Libra to Neptune in Aquarius is still in effect and very helpful for taking the high road and applying a generous dose of compassion and empathy.

Venus, Libra’s ruler, has recently moved into Scorpio and is closely semi-sextile the Sun-Moon conjunction, strengthening the bond between them. While Libra really does prefer to stay in the mental realms, Venus in Scorpio can be very insistent about the need to look deeper and examine our motives and the “whys” behind our obsessive behaviors. What do we need to do for emotional housecleaning? Do our relationships truly benefit both parties, or would separation be the best course? These are the type of questions to ask now.

In addition, an inconjunct from Uranus in Pisces to Mercury in Libra still is resonating in the atmosphere. Uranus can be very persistent in reminding us of the need to be true to our authentic selves, and this inconjunct to Mercury can be the mosquito in our gardens flying around our heads bugging us to pay attention to ensure our own needs are being met.

The sextile from Mars in Libra to Pluto in Sagittarius will be exact on October 1. We have a window of opportunity here supporting our efforts to clear out the debris in our lives generated by the T-square with Pluto on the last Full Moon. Of course, we can always ignore this and go on as we have, but keep in mind that sooner or later, Pluto will demand his due.

The grand trine with Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Virgo, and Vesta in Taurus is once more in effect. This pattern was also in the sky during the eclipse on August 16, but Venus and Mercury were in Virgo conjoining Saturn then adding their bit. This is the bare bones version but the message of healing through taking a practical, grounded approach is still there. Because we are working with the flowing energy of the trine, to get the most out of this pattern, we must consciously choose to do so.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is 7 Libra:  A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks, with the keyword GUARDIANSHIP. In 360 Degrees of Wisdom, Lynda Hill writes that there is the perception that one’s guard can’t be let down without someone, or something, taking advantage. This symbol is most closely tied to the slightly irritating semi-sextile between Venus in vigilant Scorpio and the New Moon in Libra, representing our nurturing side. The trick here is to avoid being overly protective and allowing others to make their own choices, facilitating the learning process.

Perhaps the best use of this lunation is to recognize where we are receiving genuine love and support and nurture those connections. It never hurts to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us and thank them for their help and being there for us. Oh yes, remember to practice moderation in all things including moderation . . . that’s Libra!

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Of course, today is the day to write your New Moon abundance checks! Here’s how.