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Saturday Extra: Healing Time

healing handsEver since the New Moon in Cancer on Monday, life has been eventful for many of us.

From what I’ve been hearing it’s either been very good or downright awful with little in between. This is consistent with the opposition between the New Moon and Pluto and stationing Uranus in Pisces forming an out of sign t-square with those two.

Three celebrities died recently, two this week and one last: one unexpectedly, Michael Jackson; one sad but anticipated, Farrah Fawcett; and the last peacefully, Ed McMahon. If we consider these high profile people to be the bell weathers of the collective, then I’m sure these deaths were representative of many others. Pluto is the master of clearing out the old to allow for something new to manifest. In the USA in particular, we seem to have the idea we can live forever and spend billions attempting to do that. Why is it so difficult to see death as part of life?

As I’ve commented elsewhere, this turned out to be a very productive period for me as in being able to take care of business in a matter of fact manner. For example, when the dentist’s office called to remind me about an appointment for getting my teeth cleaned on Monday, I brought up costs and when the dentist wouldn’t budge, I canceled the appointment. Those who are not willing to compromise are going to find others telling them, “thank you but no thank you.” Pluto in Capricorn is just getting started – just wait a couple of years and look around you!

Those whose charts are most affected by the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction are getting stepped on too, especially if they bet the farm on a certain outcome. The Capricorn lunar eclipse on July 7 finds Mars in Taurus squaring Neptune & Co and that is going to bite, big time. That particular Full Moon squares my natal Moon in Libra, so I’m wincing in anticipation because one way or another, my emotions are going to be all over the place. :::groan:::

Thankfully the tricksy t-square with Uranus has faded but keep in mind Uranus will be stationing retrograde on July 1. It may be just me but I keep getting the feeling we would be much further ahead to take advantage of the hints Uranus is throwing out now to clean up our act because next year Uranus will not be nearly as polite. It will be in Aries – a sign noted for directness.

So throw away the rose colored glasses and start thinking in terms of having several alternative plans in place, always. With all the earth and water dominating the sky right now, it would be wise to forgo the drama, pick up the pieces and move on. Yeah, ouch!

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