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Ask Our Readers: Fallout From the Eclipse To Report?

The New Moon eclipse at 6 degrees Aquarius is behind us now but like a stone dropped in a pond, the affects are starting to cause ripples for many of us. Where it fell in your chart and what, if any, natal planets and aspect patterns were triggered are places to start looking for results.

Keep in mind we are also juggling the incoming Saturn-Uranus opposition at 20 degrees Virgo-Pisces exact in about a week, so for some of us it’s been more of a cascade than a single event. The eclipse conjoined the cusp of my third house and the web cam I ordered arrived and immediately turned into a huge distraction. At the same time, I had to drop all that and follow my Aries spouse to town to get his pickup truck worked (another in a series of interruptions courtesy of having Uranus in Pisces in the fourth). Between needing to devote time to my astrology work and the challenge of attempting to do that working at home, I’m beginning to feel like a darn tennis ball being slammed from one side of the court to the other.

Pat, who had the eclipse take place in her first house, wrenched her back on her day job attempting to move something too heavy and awkward, so she is moving very gingerly right now.

Anyone else have a tale to tell about their trials and tribulations of juggling the eclipse and Saturn-Uranus? By the way, today and tomorrow the Moon is in Pisces and will conjoin Uranus and oppose Saturn, so expect more little surprises!

Libra with Scorpio risingposted by Neith . . .