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Real Astrologers Poll: What ‘Caused’ This Accident?

A friend called last week to catch up and mentioned that he’d hurt himself chopping wood. He’d been cutting up a tree with a chainsaw, and as he was cutting off the last small branch, it flew up and hit him between the eyes, leaving a fairly deep gash.

“Pat, it was really stupid,” he said.

“Did it knock any sense into you?” I asked.

“None that I could tell.”

Of course, being an astrologer, the first thing I did after we hung up was to look at his chart. This happened the day of the Full Moon, which was highly charged, so I figured that was the end of it. However, I saw at least four other possible explanations and started laughing, because I knew that five different astrologers would find five different “causes.”

Many of you have a fairly sophisticated knowledge of astrology, so I thought it would be fun to ask you which explanation fits the best — remembering, of course, that the planets don’t “cause” anything to happen but are indicators of the forces at work in our lives. Since the full explanations are too long to fit into the poll text, I put them below.

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Explanation #1:  It was the Full Moon, which triggered the Saturn-Uranus opposition on his third and ninth house cusps.
Explanation #2:  Transiting Mars was opposite his natal Pluto by less than 2 degrees.
Explanation #3:  Transiting Mars triggered his natal T-square in the fixed signs (Moon in Taurus, Pluto in Leo, and Saturn in Scorpio).
Explanation #4:  Venus was retrograde in Aries, which rules the head, in an exact square with his natal Mercury, which rules small appliances. Moreover, Venus is transiting his ninth house, which is associated with trees and the outdoors.
Explanation #5:  Pluto is exactly conjunct his Sun at 3 degrees Capricorn.

Or maybe he just needed a good knock on the head? What do you think?

Love and blessings to all …
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Wednesday afternoon upate: I ran into one of our readers on the street today and he said he didn’t vote because I didn’t include “all of the above.” If it had been all of the above, the chainsaw probably would have lept out of his hands and chopped him into bits, but if anyone else would like to answer “all of the above,” please leave a comment!