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Saturday Promo: Two New Reports from Neith

reach out with loveI have come up with two new reports to offer my clients. One addresses those with a single question or issue they wish feedback on called “Quick Question” and the second is a new short synastry report called “Heart of the Matter”.

The “Quick Question” report is my response to those who want one concern answered at length whether the question is about synastry, a specific transit or some aspect of the natal chart. For example, you may be wondering why the person you are seeing doesn’t want to commit but are not yet ready for one of the longer compatibility reports covering all the aspects and both natal charts. Or maybe you are new to astrology and after looking at your natal chart yourself you see a particular pattern you want more information on. Perhaps you want to know more about how the upcoming Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces will affect you. All these questions are the sort best answered by the “Quick Question” report.

My new short compatibility report, “Heart of the Matter”, is one I’ve developed for those who want an affordable yet penetrating look at their relationships. I’m going for identifying the essential factors of what the relationship is about. In this report, I will look at one natal chart of the client’s choice in terms of patterns of relating to another, review how the personal planets interact by sign, identify and discuss the major synastry aspects and the high points of the composite chart if both parties have good complete birth data (date, time and place). At the end of the report I will list all the synastry aspects I see and add a brief comment to those I didn’t address in the main part of the report. This is a great report to help someone decide to pursue a relationship or let go and move on.

To launch these two reports I’m offering an introductory reduced price of $40 US. As with all my written reports I will answer any questions you have after you have received and read your report. I use PayPal and send out invoices when your report is ready, when I receive notice of payment your report will be emailed to you.

Quick Question Report by Neith – $49US

“Heart of the Matter” Synastry Report by Neith – $49US