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Weekly Forecast August 19: Full Moon in Aquarius, Jupiter Squares Uranus

Monarch on Thistle. © Osk Ingad Alden, 2013.

Monarch on Thistle. © Osk Ingad Alden, 2013.

Whatever little break we may have gotten last week, it’s over. Aspects are so tense that even astrologers are fighting with each other.

A professional astrology forum I participate in has become an online brawl. I swear, if these people were in the same room, they’d be smashing furniture over each other’s heads. The topic causing such a firestorm is Sun sign horoscopes. I can’t believe that people who are supposed to be enlightened (at least that’s my theory) are resorting to personal insults. It’s quite distressing.

Of course, that’s nothing compared to what’s going on in Egypt. Events there escalated right on cue, with the cardinal T-square formed by Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto peaking on August 7 and August 21 – this Wednesday. This is a symbolic battle, as the so-called Arab Spring was one of the earliest manifestations of the cardinal T-square in 2010 in the first degrees of cardinal signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Uranus, the planet of revolutions, was in the final degrees of Pisces at the time, but Jupiter was in Aries.

A reader e-mailed me recently with comments about the current administration in the United States, which has, among other things, voiced continued support for invasive government spying and unmanned drone attacks, even in countries with which we’re not at war. I agreed that a lot of campaign promises had not only been ignored but shockingly reversed, and yet, what might happen if we took to the streets as the Egyptian people did? Calling for the removal of an objectionable government acting in the interests of only a privileged few could have grave consequences in a Pluto-in-Capricorn world. I saw this coming and have written about it a lot in this blog. The Uranus-Pluto square was ripe for rebellion, but I knew that the response by authorities would be deadly.

Still, I do think there is some hope that the situation in Egypt and elsewhere can resolve. The current T-square is the first in a three-part aspect. The next critical periods extend from February to May of 2014, with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in a square by exact degree in mid-April, with a lunar eclipse. What we’re seeing in this time period is setup for events to come. The crisis has been declared, and now it must intensify and then resolve. That’s the pattern of three-part outer planetary transits. That said, Uranus and Pluto remain in a square until 2015, and then there will be a ripple effect of two to three years. April 2014 will be an especially critical time in the United States, as the T-square falls at the same degree as the U.S. Sun and 1 degree from the U.S. Saturn. Venus crosses over the U.S. Saturn later this month, so we may get an idea then of what’s coming down the pike.

Full Moon in Aquarius

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We also have the Full Moon this week, the second in a row in Aquarius. In modern astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Anyone who knows an Aquarian is familiar with their innate rebelliousness against authority (unless they are the authority, and then it’s a different story). As you can see in the chart, this is potentially a difficult Full Moon. Not only is Jupiter in a near-exact square with Uranus, but Venus is about to form a grand cross. Now, this could in fact be a temporary stabilizing influence, as Venus in Libra strongly represents diplomacy, and a grand cross is more stable than a T-square. Still, we’re in a period of heightened global tension that is getting on everyone’s nerves. Even if you avoid news headlines in an attempt to protect yourself, you can’t avoid the tense vibration in the collective. The more psychically sensitive you are, the more you’ll feel it. The most you can do is to be kind to yourself, find moments of peace and beauty where you can (thus the image of the butterfly above), and do your best to give loved ones the benefit of the doubt. We’re all under enormous stress.

The Full Moon peaks late Tuesday (Wednesday in Europe and eastern time zones). It’s interesting to note that in the Full Moon chart, Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant by less than three degrees, with Pluto on the Midheaven and Jupiter on the IC. These are extremely sensitive points in a chart, and I can’t help but feel that Washington is in store for a big shock of some kind. In mundane astrology, Jupiter represents the federal justice system and the banks. Look for dramatic headlines (more than usual) involving the Federal Reserve, the country’s largest banks, and the Justice Department. Uranus represents uprisings and riots, and he’s also the planet of severe thunderstorms. If nothing else, the Eastern Seaboard may see some serious weather.

On Thursday, the Sun enters Virgo, with Mercury following on Friday. Reasoned analysis becomes a bigger part of the discussion, both in the collective and in our private lives. Fortunately, with Venus in diplomatic Libra, we can catch ourselves before saying something insensitive or cruel – and remember, the threshold is low right now, given the amount of stress we’re under. If you have been indulging a bit too much to cope with everything coming at you (guilty here), then it’s time to start watching your diet and getting a little more exercise. The Moon is in Aries on Friday, offering a bit of “just do it.” The Sun and Mercury conjoin on Saturday. If you’ve got children, this is your day to shop for back-to-school supplies. Function trumps style.

On Sunday (August 25), Mercury opposes Neptune in Pisces. Keep a notebook by your bed and record your dreams. When life is moving fast and we’re doing all we can just to keep up, we sometimes have to ignore or stuff down feelings and desires, to the point that we may lose touch with ourselves. Here’s an opportunity to find it.

I’m going to try to post the weekly forecasts on Saturday from now on to give everyone a longer heads up. Astrology can’t make stressful events go away, but it can help us understand the forces over which we don’t have any control, and it can show us where we do have opportunities to make some important choices.

Much love and courage to you all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast August 20: Sun Enters Virgo, Mars Enters Scorpio

Edge of nowhwere. © Pat Paquette, 2012.

We didn’t have a summer to speak of here in the Pacific Northwest and now it feels like fall already – although goddess knows I’m not complaining, given what everyone else has suffered this year. I’m sure you’d all love nice fall weather, and maybe even a few months of arctic winter.

I had another opportunity to go to the coast this past week, bringing my official days off to a whopping three in the past year. I feel downright lazy. We arrived just as the fog had rolled in, accompanied by a temperature drop of nearly 30 degrees in less than half an hour. But the sand was still warm beneath my bare feet, and standing in the fog, in low tide, not on land and not on water, I felt like I wasn’t in this world at all. It was the most effective mental reboot I’ve ever had.

There are two major shifts this week that will make it feel even more like fall, even though the first day of autumn is still a month away. On Wednesday, the Sun enters earthy Virgo, sign of the harvest and other practical considerations. On Thursday, Mars enters Scorpio, the sign of the underworld and what I like to call the “compost sign.” In Scorpio, the old and wilted rots away and provides the energy for new life to form in the spring.

Before Pluto was discovered, Mars was the ruler of Scorpio, which also is the sign of desire and passion. I’m curious to see whether a new trend forms in relationships. Saturn, as you know, has been in Libra since early 2010 and is about to enter Scorpio in October. During the years that Saturn was in Libra, I witnessed deep changes in many relationships, including my own. I was talking with a friend the other day who is in a relationship with man with Asperger’s syndrome. Friends who don’t understand the complexities of the disorder believe she is cheating herself, that she should find someone more social (my friend is a Leo party girl) and more “normal.” But she told me that she is happier with herself than ever in her life, because she has learned true compassion. I know what she means. This, I believe, was one of the lessons we had to go back and relearn after Saturn went retrograde at 29 degrees Libra in February. We thought we had it all figured out, only to learn that there was a whole lot more to the story.

Mars conjoined Saturn last week, and I think we may get a hint of what’s to come when Saturn finally leaves Libra on October 5. Amplifying this “carrying forward” of energy, the Moon conjoins Saturn and Mars on Tuesday and enters Scorpio on Wednesday. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Both the Sun and Mars aspect Neptune this week. The Sun opposes the planet of idealism and delusion on Friday, while Mars makes a harmonious trine on Saturday. My fog experience is probably a good metaphor for these aspects. Not on land, not in water, but somewhere in an indescribable “in-between,” like being in another dimension of reality. I was totally disoriented, literally “in a fog,” and yet I was OK with the uncertainty and didn’t panic, even though I couldn’t see the shore or the ocean and had no point of reference. The Sun in Virgo is fully grounded and able to stay steady so that we can have the ultimate Neptune in Pisces experience without going over the edge.

Otherwise, Virgo is the yummiest time in the Northern Hemisphere, when the full bounty of the summer harvest is in and we have fresh choices fit for a goddess.

There are a couple of other aspects this week, but those are the major ones, so I’m going to stop here and get back to work on reports. After all, I had my one day of rest this week.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast August 22: Mercury Direct, New Moon in Virgo

© Lijuan Guo for Dreamstime.com

Mercury returns direct this week, but it’s going to be a nail-biter of a finish.

Many of you have written to me with reports of how difficult this Mercury retrograde period has been. I predicted that this month would be among the most challenging of the year, not only because of Mercury’s retrograde phase, but also the position of Mars and the very close square from Uranus to Pluto. Although we’re through the worst of this stormy astrological weather, the coming week is potentially rough, so we can’t let our guard down just yet.

You may be in a bit of a fog as the week begins, with the Sun opposing Neptune on Monday before entering Virgo on Tuesday. Normally, the Sun in Virgo favors precision and attention to detail. However, Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is retrograde, so the risk of miscommunications and errors is even higher from Tuesday on. If you’re in a situation at work where someone (maybe you) overlooks details or has a misunderstanding with a boss or colleague, don’t freak out. Next week will be much better, and you’ll have ample opportunity for correction and resolution.

Wednesday and Thursday are potentially the most difficult days this week, with the Moon in Cancer mirroring the eclipses of the past two years in rapid succession, just as Mars is crossing the degrees of eclipses of Jan. 4, 2011, and July 7, 2009. The eclipse in July 2009 was the first in the Capricorn-Cancer series. Most of you can time sweeping changes in your life with that eclipse, and it’s likely that you’re still adjusting. Mars often acts as a trigger for eclipses and outer planetary transits. Be prepared for a major reminder midweek of difficult circumstances that began around summer 2009. At the same time, pay attention to how things are different now – starting with yourself and your response.

Complicating matters, the Moon conjoins Mars on Thursday just as both form an exact square to Saturn in Libra. This is where personal growth and self-discipline are the most evident. Astrology helps us understand energies over which we have no control, but it also indicates where we do have choices and how making a different choice can manifest as a different outcome. Keeping that in mind this week can lead to a big breakthrough, perhaps even a leap in consciousness. You might also ask yourself whether the changes you’ve gone through since July 2009, no matter how challenging, have restored balance to some aspect of your life.

Also on Thursday, Venus trines Pluto. This earthy combination is a classic aspect for physical love, but it also can be good for your bank account, depending on where these two are transiting your natal chart.

I also should mention that both Venus and the Sun oppose Chiron this week – Venus on Wednesday and the Sun on Friday. If nothing else, we may get a strong reminder about how physical and mental health are inseparable.

Chart for New Moon

Click on image to enlarge

At last, on Friday, Mercury returns direct, and then we have a lovely New Moon in Virgo on Sunday in conjunction with Venus and trine both Pluto and Jupiter, just as the Big Guy is poised to turn retrograde. It’s a whole new world next week, with new opportunities and doors opening in several directions. Because the previous New Moonoccurred right before Mercury went retrograde, the goodies had to wait. Now we get them all at once! I’m betting that you’ll think it was worth the wait.

So, although this week is difficult, there’s a bright, white light at the end of the tunnel. We just need to hang in there a bit longer.

Wishing you extra love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. In last week’s forecast, I mentioned an article in the August/September issue of The Mountain Astrologer and failed to mention that you have to buy the magazine to read it. Sorry about that … but I also want to tell you that the article is well worth the $7 price of one issue, which you can order from the TMA site.

Weekly Forecast August 23: Sun Enters Virgo, Full Moon in Pisces

Finding the Path. © Pat Paquette, 2010

It happens every year here in the northern latitudes. The Sun enters Virgo, and suddenly the air feels different, even though it’s “officially” not fall yet.

It’s a nice way to begin the week, with the Sun in a new sign. That feeling in the air is exhilarating, filled with anticipation of the fall harvest, baking, and preserving the bounty.

But the air also carries a whiff of the dark days ahead and a reminder that nothing lasts. It’s a good message to keep in mind as the cardinal T-square continues to push us into new and unfamiliar territory and strips our lives of anything that doesn’t feed growth and change.

The theme of letting go is reinforced by Tuesday’s Full Moon in Pisces (I posted a detailed interpretation on Saturday, in case you missed it). As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents dissolution and endings. Sometimes we have to sit in those endings for awhile until the new cycle begins. It’s a hard place to be and painful, but letting go is necessary before we can make the radical changes that we’re being called to make in this time of awakening.

Those changes will be on hold for at least a few weeks, though, with Mercury retrograde until September 12. Indeed, this could be a very good thing, as it will allow us a break, a chance to slow down, and an opportunity to catch up on unfinished tasks at home and work. Don’t forget all those repairs that have to be done while the weather is still nice.

As I mentioned in my Full Moon post, this lunation holds possibilities for moving through the obstacles we’ve been bumping up against all spring and summer. The way out is via a sextile from Pluto to the Moon, which occurs on Tuesday, and a trine from Pluto to the Sun, which is exact on Thursday. Keep your eyes open for the hidden path to a breakthrough that may seem miraculous, but that has been in the works all along. Often what eludes us is right under our nose.

On Thursday, the Moon conjoins Uranus, newly back in Pisces, before entering Aries and activating the cardinal T-square on Friday. Throughout the day, the Moon aspects Jupiter in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Libra. Now that we’ve had our Full Moon breakthrough, we should be able to see some rhyme and reason to the challenges of the T-square.

It’s all about getting what we really want, but so many people don’t realize what deep changes are necessary to achieve those goals. As of Friday, you may be able to see with a whole new set of eyes.

I would be remiss not to mention the sextile between Venus and Ceres on Sunday. As symbol of the divine feminine, Venus represents beauty, desire, and creativity. Ceres, as the earth mother, symbolizes fertility and the bounty of nature, but she also holds the opposite symbolism of harvest, dormancy, death, and rebirth. There is a natural association between Ceres and Virgo. That’s why I advocate establishing her as the modern ruler of Virgo, or, at least, co-ruler with Mercury.

Admittedly, a sextile between Venus and Ceres doesn’t sound like a powerful influence on our daily lives, but it’s a fitting image to contemplate during the brief reprieve that retrograde Mercury is so kindly offering.

Wishing you all much love, courage, and abundance,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat