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Weekly Forecast September 20: Sun in Libra, Full Moon in Aries

This year’s cardinal T-square is mostly done, thank goddess, but I’ve been keeping my eye on this week as one exception.

Thanks to Thursday’s Full Moon, for a brief period, we’ll revisit the cardinal T-square, which peaked in early August. I wrote a complete interpretation in my Saturday post, reviewing how this Full Moon mirrors the T-square but also holds the potential to take us beyond the limitations we faced over the summer.

In addition to the Full Moon, the big news this week is the Sun’s entry into Libra, marking the official beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun will cross the degrees of the T-square, but one of the biggest obstacles in that earlier configuration, Saturn, has moved far enough away to be less of a constraint. Sun in Libra suggests moderation, so I don’t think we’ll get a power surge but rather the easy movement forward that occurs when you let your foot off the brake.

The Sun’s Libra ingress occurs Wednesday at 11:09 p.m. on the East Coast of the United States. Of course, it will be Thursday already in the Eastern Hemisphere, where many of RealAstrologers’ faithful readers live.

Before entering Libra, the Sun in the final degrees of Virgo opposes Jupiter and Uranus, both of which are retrograde and back in Pisces for the rest of the year. Although they aren’t part of the cardinal T-square, they do form a tight T-square with the Sun and Moon on Thursday, and so their energies can’t be discounted. Also, I expect that the Sun will carry some of their loud, boisterous energy forward into the Full Moon, so we can expect to hear from these two. Wild storms – meteorological, political and emotional – are among the potential manifestations from Tuesday through Friday.

On Saturday, the Sun squares Pluto, newly direct in Capricorn and ready to flex his muscle. This is the most contentious aspect of the week and where I expect we’ll have to revisit old obstacles. There’s nothing to do during Pluto transits except to give up resistance. If you’re trying to hang onto something – a situation, a relationship, a belief – you may need to let it go. At the very least, you’ll need to change your approach. You probably already know where the problem area lies, as this really is just a repeat of issues you faced over the summer. This time, though, you may really need to give up and try something different.

Difficult Sun-Pluto transits also correspond to mechanical breakdowns. If you’ve been avoiding repairs, you may not be able to do so any longer.

Sunday could be emotionally charged, with the Moon in Taurus opposite Venus and Mars in Scorpio. It sounds great for certain indoor activities, but the resulting fireworks may be a little more intense than you bargained for. If you manage to access a deep place in your psyche where difficult emotions have been hidden or repressed, let them come up. The release may leave you feeling like a dishrag, but you’ll feel a lot better when Monday morning rolls around.

Wishing you all much love, courage, and the abundance of the season,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The new crop of apples has arrived! © Barbara Helgason for Dreamstime.com.

Weekly Forecast December 21: Sun Enters Capricorn, Mercury Retrograde

This is a very big week. And not just because of Christmas.

Today, Monday, is arguably the most important day of the year astrologically and one of the most important days of the entire decade. That’s a pretty strong statement, I know, but I say this because I believe a portal will appear on this day. Anyone who wishes to step through can do so.

Portal to what or where, you might ask? To higher awareness and elevated consciousness, to healing and wholeness, to feelings of connectedness with all things, to greater understanding that brings peace.

Perhaps it is a portal to love.

Today is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, so it also is the return of the light. From now on, the days will begin getting longer again, even though we may not notice much difference for another month or so.

I sensed the opening portal the week before equinox, when the Sun entered Libra. Inexplicably, I woke up very early that morning and was “called” out of bed to the doors opening out onto my deck. Venus was shining brightly on the western horizon. If I had gotten up any later, I’d have missed her, as she began to disappear in the light of dawn.

There was an important message there, and I suspected it had something to do with love and the reunion of the universal male and female energies. I was at the gate but couldn’t step over the threshold, and although I could see something there, it was out of focus. The message was that I would be able to see more when the portal was fully open.

I began looking for upcoming dates that were astrologically significant. None was more compelling than today. Not only is it the Solstice, but Jupiter and Neptune form an exact conjunction, with the Moon conjoining both a few hours later. Venus is sextile Neptune as well. We’re also coming up on another pair of eclipses, with Venus in conjunction.

There is nothing that I can tell you to do, except to open your eyes and mind to whatever may come your way. In most of the United States, the exact moment of conjunction will occur overnight, so perhaps a message will come to you in a dream. Or, it might come before you go to sleep or upon awakening. I often have revelations in the hypnagogic and hypnapompic states.

There could be developments in the days that follow as well. I believe the portal will stay open for most of the week and possibly through the New Moon solar eclipse on January 14. I’ll let you know if I pick up anything. Please leave a comment if you experience any unusual effects.

In classical mythology, Mercury was the Messenger between worlds. With planet Mercury about to turn retrograde later this week, it’s even more likely that we’ll receive news, flashes of insight and understanding, and breakthroughs in consciousness. These insights may come via someone close to you.

The Sun’s conjunction with Pluto on Thursday also feeds into this phenomenon, as Pluto rules the underworld or, as I like to think of it, the “otherworld” — in other words, invisible realms that are all around us but just outside the conscious awareness of most people.

Now, shining light into dark corners can reveal unpleasant truths, so don’t be surprised if something very uncomfortable comes up. Try to keep your nerve and be still.

On Friday, Venus enters Capricorn, and she’ll conjoin Pluto on Sunday. If you have a romantic partner, new levels of passion and intimacy are possible, but you’ll probably have to work through some issues first, unless you’ve gotten them out of the way already. So many things keep us from connecting with each other, and many of the obstacles, we’re not even aware of. We can become aware of them now.

Also on Friday, the Sun squares Saturn. This is an oppressive energy, but we are more likely to grown and learn through challenges than when everything is going smoothly. I’ll be whining right along with you — I’m tired of hard lessons, OK? But ultimately I’ll take notes and try to figure out what I’m supposed to do next.

For those who celebrate Christmas, family get-togethers could be a bit testy. I don’t know many families who don’t have control issues. Hopefully, seeing them in a clear light will help you figure out the best way to respond, but do be aware that with Mars retrograde and Mercury stationed, tempers will be short, with a high risk of misunderstandings.

Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday morning in the United States. If you need to return a gift, check the receipt to see how long you’ve got, take a deep breath, and have another bite of fruitcake. Even a bad one will be preferable to the lines at the mall.

Better still, sit down with a warm cup of spiced cider, a blank journal, and a fast writing pen. Let the material stuff wait. It will still be there when you’re ready to make an exchange. But the portal has limited hours, and we need to get as much information as we can while it’s open.

Wishing you all limitless love and light this holiday season,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: As promised in my Saturday Extra! post, here’s a photo of my 80s party. I let myself get talked into doing karaoke, first time ever. The song was “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” by one of my favorite 80s bands, Eurythmics. In hindsight, I couldn’t have picked a better song for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction!