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Real Astrologer’s Poll: Do Transits Justify Inconsiderate Behavior?

As astrologers, we often get calls from clients who are trying to understand the behavior of a friend or romantic partner.

Sometimes the situations are trivial. The friend said something totally insensitive, and it turned out that Mercury was retrograde. You know that I always counsel forgiving and forgetting, as otherwise intelligent people say and do stupid things when Mercury is retrograde.

But what about more serious circumstances? Let’s say your significant other comes home one day, says he (or she) has been living a lie, needs space to go find himself, and is moving out. You consult your astrologer and find out that Pluto is crossing his Ascendant. Or what if you find out that your partner has been having an affair behind your back? You look at his chart and see that Neptune is exactly square his Moon.

Would you forgive these behaviors if you knew that a difficult planetary transit was behind it?

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