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Ask Real Astrologers: No Sex, No Money – What’s Going On?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Brigitte in Cannes, France:

I have no certainty in any area of my life. Nothing’s working. My career is at a standstill, which has put me in a financial bind. All of my other projects have stopped since April 2005, when I started living in two apartments. As for my love life … ugh. My partner and I aren’t having sex anymore. What’s with that? Is it boredom, or was this relationship a mistake to begin with? Thanks for clarifying my future.

Brigitte, I think it’s charming that you wrote to me in French. As it turns out, I do speak French, as I lived in France for eight years. It’s been awhile, though, and my French is rusty, so I might have made some mistakes in translating your e-mail. Still, I’m pretty sure I got the gist of it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t address “my whole life sucks” questions in this column, as there just isn’t enough space. But I decided to take a look at your chart, because I had a feeling you might be getting blasted by the cardinal T-square. Sure enough, it’s hitting your chart quite heavily.

Your natal Moon at 4 degrees Libra in the first house is square your Mars in Capricorn in the fourth house, which means that you have transiting Saturn on your Moon and transiting Pluto coming up on Mars (he’s still a few degrees away). It’s no wonder you feel like you’re under some kind of evil spell.

The complication with your partner is no surprise, either. He has a T-square in the mid-degrees of the cardinal signs in his natal chart, and also an opposition of Mars at 4 degrees Libra – that’s right, exactly conjunct your Moon – and Jupiter at 4 degrees Aries. Between the two of you, I’d say you’ve got plenty of shared “bad luck,” and it could explain the dip in intimacy, too.

The good news is that Saturn is now moving on, so he’ll be off that sensitive Moon-Mars conjunction in your synastry chart. He’ll also be leaving your first house shortly. That may not be so good for your financial situation, but at least you’ll get some relief emotionally. If you’ve been feeling depressed, that should lighten up some, too.

This is a great illustration, by the way, of how difficult transits such as the cardinal T-square can get complicated by orders of magnitude when they hit sensitive points in our synastry chart. If anyone else is in this bind, I offer a special report for transits for couples. Please note that I have to do a complete synastry reading first.

Je vous souhaite de bonne chance, Brigitte. Merci bien de m’avoir écrit.

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