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Ask Real Astrologers: New Career Path Possible?

This week’s question comes from Lise in Melbourne, Australia:

I have a blind spot big time with my career. I know what I love doing, no problem with that, but putting things into context with my career, nada. I’ve been mostly in administration for years, medical mostly though some law in earlier days. It really does nothing for me, but comfort level keeps me here. Ideas/comments much appreciated!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Lise, it’s no surprise that you’ve done administrative work, and in law and medicine. In your birth chart, the ruler of your tenth house (career) is Jupiter, and he’s in the tenth house, too. Jupiter and the sign he rules, Sagittarius, are associated with medicine, law, and higher learning. Further, your Jupiter is in Capricorn, the sign of administration and keeping order. I’ll bet you’re one of the best, most reliable admins on the planet! Not only are you comfortable in that line of work, but your supervisors no doubt love you, too.

That indeed would be hard to give up, and I’m guessing that your career really does satisfy you in some deeply important way. Based solely on your chart, I’d say it probably had to do with material comfort. This is nothing to sneeze at, especially in this economy.

That said, there is a trend in industrialized countries toward giving up lucrative careers and downsizing households in order to follow one’s heart. That’s what I hear in your question, and it’s also no surprise that you’re asking it now. As I mentioned above, Jupiter is a key career indicator in your chart, and since late December 2008, you’ve had Pluto transiting your Jupiter. Pluto transforms everything he touches, and he also demands that we dig deeply to determine whether we’re being true to ourselves.

If you feel a need to get out of admin, why not establish your own business? Your chart suggests that you would be extremely successful on your own. If you’re not ready to do that yet, you could start doing what you love on the side until you feel comfortable enough to make the switch. Or, you might just see what this Pluto transit does. Often, he takes care of the problem for us — not in a way that’s easy or comfortable, but just like you, we can rely on him to get the job done.

Best of luck to you!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Yes, Lise, it is easy to see why you choose to work within the medical system with Pisces rising and your Scorpio Sun-Neptune conjunction. Helping others in some capacity is part of who you are.

Over the past year, transiting Uranus in your first house has been inconjunct your natal Uranus in Leo in your sixth house. It is this element I suspect of agitating for a change of vocations and the need to be doing something more personally fulfilling. Uranus transits to the first house make us antsy and eager to do something new and different almost without exception.

Your sixth house Uranus in Leo is trine to Venus in Sagittarius in your tenth, connecting two of the houses relating to our career or vocational path. Because trines work so smoothly we often overlook their benefits. There is tremendous creative potential with any Venus-Uranus aspect as well as the ability to come up with new and exciting ideas on the spur of the moment. Do you have a creative hobby or interest of some type? Have you ever given thought to turning it into something more?

Ideally you can come up with a way to combine your creative abilities with your natural inclination to be of service to others. Uranus will continue to prod you to make changes through March 2010, helping overcome the natural reluctance of your fixed sign Sun to try something new.

Good luck! Remember to stay open to the offbeat and unusual ideas that pop up, Lise. You’ll break out yet.

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Ask Real Astrologers: Did I Miss the Career On-Ramp?

This week’s question comes from Stan in California:

My finances are shot, I’m collecting unemployment, and I have no interest in getting my license to start my own private practice in clinical psychology, as I have “burned out” on being a clinician. I want to make a shift to academia for the intellectual stimulation and challenge and be in a place where I can teach. I know I have the ability and experience and that I need to refresh my knowledge base. Yet, in the last six months, I don’t feel like I’ve done enough, read enough, or retained enough to feel to feel as knowledgeable and as confident in an interview as I felt when in grad school. All I know is that I don’t feel like I’m making progress. Have I missed a sign post and thus headed in the wrong direction? I feel that there are some positive energies in play, yet I don’t feel that I have been able work with them. What am I missing?

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Stan, first let me say hello to a fellow Aquarius/Rising Aquarius! Second, I can tell you that your natal chart indicates an innate talent for psychology, and you can have a powerfully transformational effect on your clients. In fact, you might even be a little scary for some people, as you can see deeply into their psyche.

This also means, however, that you can burn out easily, as you may have difficulty keeping your own psychic boundaries intact. I would say, off the top of my head, that your best solution is daily physical exercise. This will help you blow off the psychic clutter than you pick up from confused and wounded people.

If you’ve seen your chart, you may know that the rare conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune is taking place right on your Ascendant. This alignment is opening doors on deep healing. As you probably know from your work, this can be a painful process, and in your case, it is going to continue for the rest of the year. I don’t think you will be able to see your way clearly until this process is over. By next January, you will have a much better idea of your direction, and you’ll also have Jupiter in your first house to help you find great opportunities for advancement.

Aquarius is the sign of the future, and many of us are ahead of our time. I believe that your unique role will be in finding new perspectives on human psychology that will help heal humanity, starting with yourself. One of the topics I’ve written about extensively is the wound between male and female energies on the planet. You have a close conjunction of Venus and Mars in your first house, and Uranus (your ruler) currently is transiting these planets. Uranus is the Awakener, so I believe that you will be awakened to the dual nature of this energy in everyone, and this new information somehow will be of great use to you in your practice.

The very best of luck to you, and thanks for writing!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Stan, as Pat noted Jupiter-Chiron and Neptune have just crossed your Ascendant and are now in your first house. The other transiting planet in your first house is Uranus in Pisces, currently stationing at 26? Pisces preparing to come back over your natal Mars-Venus conjunction. This is a great deal of activity in your first house stressing the possibility of doing a major overhaul of your image among other things.

Your natal Mars-Venus conjunction is also the tip of a Yod, or Finger of God, with Pluto in Leo in your sixth house sextile the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra in your eighth. This pattern pulls together the elements that make you an excellent psychologist from compassionate Pisces to transformative Pluto and to have Uranus about to make its second pass over the tip, it makes complete sense to me you feel the need for change. The third and final pass will come during the first three months of 2010.

It is likely Neptune crossing your Ascendant has obscured matters because Neptune is extremely good at that. My recommendation would be to see if you can sort through the mish mash of expectations, both yours and those of others, over the next few months and see if you can work with those that put you, the nurturer, first. This is all part of an ongoing theme in your chart where Neptune and Uranus are pulling you in different directions. I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of nurturing the nurturer but this is my sense of what’s needed now.

Perhaps when Jupiter moves back into your twelfth house at the end of July and reduces the cacophony in your first house, it will be easier to find your sign post. Jupiter is pretty darn loud at times.

Best of luck in finding your way into academia!

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Ask Real Astrologers: Do Transits Trigger a Yod?

This week’s question comes from Mari in Lawrence, Kansas:

I have read that transits can activate Yods. What effect would you expect that a generational transit like a Uranus opposition would have on a Yod with a Uranus-Neptune sextile inconjunct Saturn?

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Mari, this particular Yod is one you share with many others making it a generational pattern, and an uncomfortable one at that.

Let’s face it, Saturn is just not happy in Aries, and as the apex of this pattern, Saturn is the focal point. Aries is all about action, the more direct and uncomplicated the better, and Saturn’s favored approach is slow and steady. Frequently those with Saturn in Aries will choose between passive or aggressive behaviors instead of being firmly assertive.

Virgo and Scorpio are the signs on the base of the Yod, and in this case, these two may actually be more supportive than is typical of inconjunct signs. Both of these signs prefer to work quietly but effectively behind the scenes, often in service oriented healing professions. A mature expression of Saturn in Aries is very similar to Saturn in Capricorn; self-directed, well organized and willing to do what is necessary to keep everyone on task. The Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo and Pisces has been, and will continue to help those of you with this Yod shed some of your old self-defeating behaviors and step forward as the gifted leaders you are.

In your chart, Mari, you have no personal planets conjunct any of the points of the Yod but your Moon does fall close to the mid-point between Pluto and Neptune, opposing the apex planet, Saturn. Since the Moon also rules your Sun sign, it is a key factor here. Following your feelings and intuitions closely will help you figure out the best path to take over the coming months.

There is a great deal more going on in your chart but this is not the format to discuss it. I recommend contacting either Pat or I for a more in-depth response, if you wish.

Hang on tight and do your best to stay grounded during this time, Mari! Best of luck!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Mari, I don’t know that there is any special magic to transits activating Yods. Of course you are going to feel a Yod more if any of the planets forming this configuration are being transited, especially by an outer planet that may stay near a particular degree for weeks or months at a time.

I suspect that you are strongly feeling the current Saturn-Uranus opposition, which is being compounded by the conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune, with Neptune and Uranus in mutual reception. As Neith noted, you actually have two Yods in your chart, and both of them are being directly impacted by this complex set of transits.

Further, in your birth chart, Saturn and Neptune, both of which are at the apex of a Yod, are inconjunct, and transiting Saturn and Neptune currently are inconjunct, or will be this fall. I expect that this will have deep karmic significance for you and that this will be a transformational year, both internally and in your external circumstances. If there’s a big disconnect between your dreams and wishes and what has materialized in your life so far, you should be able to get these two sides of yourself working in tandem. Just be prepared for some turbulence, as radical change typically doesn’t happen without it.

Wishing you the very best.

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