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Weekly Forecast February 15: Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Sun Enters Pisces


If money washed up on the beach. Sand dollars are a lovely expression of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces. I didn't realize when I took the photo that there were seven "stars," like the Pleiades.

Last week’s potent healing energy continues into this week as we sail on the wake of Saturday’s New Moon.

The word “heal” comes from the same root as “whole.” Being whole is about accepting ourselves and others, with all of our imperfections. When challenges go on and on with no end in sight, it’s hard not to let them define us. For me, it helps to understand my life as a continuum and how I got where I am.

Self-acceptance is a powerful healer, although it can be a tricky process, as many people misunderstand and use self-acceptance as an excuse not do the work required to reach their full potential, as humans in the material realm and as spiritual beings.

Confronting past traumas, unhappy memories, or parts of ourselves we don’t like can be so painful that many people would rather keep them buried in a dark corner inside. In my work with clients, I’ve observed that repressed emotions are more powerful than those that are expressed, and if they aren’t dealt with, they can wreak all sorts of havoc in one’s life, leaving the individual feeling victimized. I’m not saying this is always the cause of our misery, but it can be the case, and more often than many people realize. My job as an astrologer is getting to the bottom of these issues to help my clients feel whole.

Many people I know have gone as far as they can with their individual work, and yet it still feels like something is “broken” or missing. I’ve been writing for years about the need to have a partner or a group to continue the work. With Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius, we’re finding like-minded individuals to connect with, and this is another way that we feel whole. Also, more of us are coming to understand that when we do deep healing work on ourselves, we send healing energy back into the collective. Sometimes I feel that it’s the collective unconscious that’s demanding we do this hard work.

Neptune and Chiron remain in close conjunction throughout 2010. The alignment is exact on Wednesday (late Tuesday on the West Coast of the United States).

On Monday, Venus sextiles Pluto and Mars sextiles Saturn, both aspects that could be very productive. How this energy plays out remains to be seen, as we have not one but two Yods in play, with Venus and Mars at the apex. You may find that one or more areas of your life are moving forward, but with a lot of irritation and major challenges, some of which could be so difficult that you don’t think you’re getting anywhere at all. Don’t give up.

On Tuesday, Venus conjoins Jupiter, an annual occurrence that is always cause for celebration. These two are known for wealth and abundance. It’s often material, but it doesn’t have to be. You might experience an abundance of love and friendship or some other intangible stroke of good fortune that is no less important just because you can’t turn it on and off with a remote.

On Thursday, the Sun enters spiritual Pisces, where it will take the place at the apex of the Yod with Mars and Saturn. Being “spiritual” may not feel very practical, and in some cases, it’s a deterrent to more worldly pursuits. Living with integrity often requires material sacrifices, and this can feel uncomfortable or scary to those for whom security lies in material wealth. Finding balance should come easier with Saturn in Libra.

Friday gets my vote for most pleasant day of the week. The Moon will be in placid Taurus, sextile Venus and Jupiter. If you’ve got a date, it could be quite a memorable evening, for all the right reasons.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat