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Celebrating Venus through the Houses

Venus Verticordia by Rossetti Now that Venus is in Leo and yearning for the spotlight once more, I decided to do another post featuring her.

Venus is expressed differently according to the house she falls in as well as the sign, both natally and by transit. Just for the fun of it, I am going to follow her around the chart wheel looking at each house.

Venus in the First House
When Venus is in the first house, she helps improve awareness of our appearance, especially when we are going out and about in public. This placement of Venus natally seldom opens herself to fashion disasters or behaves in socially unacceptable ways. A Venus transit over the Ascendant and the first house is a good time to give attention to one’s appearance.

Venus in the Second House
Venus is very comfortable in the second house because Taurus rules the second house and Venus rules Taurus. A second house Venus is very good at knowing just what the antique from your grandmother’s attic is worth and has a knack for attracting the good things in life to her. Transits of Venus to the second house help us appreciate beautiful objects.

Venus in the Third House
Here Venus helps smooth the way by knowing just the right thing to say to your close friends and siblings. She also knows all the cozy neighborhood hangouts. If you are diplomacy challenged, wait until Venus is transiting your third house to apologize, and it will be much easier to find the right words.

Venus in the Fourth House
Walking into the home of someone who has Venus in the fourth house and feeling surrounded by comfort and beauty tells the story here. Even someone with a privacy loving Venus will make visitors feel at ease if they have Venus in the fourth or on the IC. If you have put off entertaining because you don’t enjoy it, then shoot for the time when Venus is transiting your fourth house!

Venus in the Fifth House
Leo rules the fifth house, and having a fifth house Venus says this is someone who knows how to have fun. Usually those with Venus in the fifth are invited to all the right parties, because they know how to encourage everyone to have a good time. Naturally, a transit of Venus through your fifth house is great for socializing.

Venus in the Sixth House
The sixth house Venus individual uses a pleasant manner to put others at ease and help them relax and de-stress. This is a kindly Venus and more interested in being of service to others than usual. If your life is stressed to the max and Venus is poised to transit your sixth house, make plans to visit somewhere quiet and restful during that time.
surrealistic representation of Venus
Venus in the Seventh House
You have the ability to attract pleasing and attractive partners, you lucky thing. Libra and Taurus types will find their way to you and shower you with charm and sweet words. Venus transiting the seventh house is a great time to meet potential partners, too.

Venus in the Eighth House
This is a more intense placement of Venus with overtones of Scorpio. It is possible you will inherit nice things and be fortunate in your investments or make out like a bandit in your divorce settlement. Check for eighth house Venus transits when planning to sit down with your friendly banker or investment manager.

Venus in the Ninth House
You enjoy traveling to distant lands and learning new things whether it’s by train, boat, or your armchair. It’s also possible you have quite a library of books and memorabilia from exotic locales. Naturally, a great time to travel abroad or head for your favorite sporting event is during the time Venus is transiting your ninth house.

Venus in the Tenth House
Your charming manner and willingness to play nice with others is a real bonus in your chosen career. Either that or your career revolves around being charming, attractive and pleasant. Tenth house transits of Venus are a much better time to ask for a raise than, say, a Saturn transit . . .

Venus in the Eleventh House
Here, the gracious nature of Venus helps you maintain a wide circle of friends and like-minded people. You usually enjoy taking part in group activities and promoting humanitarian causes. Have plans to host a gathering to raise money to help the rain forest? Plan the event while Venus is transiting your eleventh house for the greatest success.

Venus in the Twelfth House
As with all planetary activities in the twelfth house, Venus here is relegated to working behind the scenes. Her presence here allows you to benefit from the kindness of strangers and the occasional unknown benefactor. It takes more effort to see this subtle Venus working in your life. Not too surprisingly, Venus transiting the twelfth is a great time to go on retreat and take private time for yourself.

Of course aspects to Venus and the sign she is in will profoundly affect the way she expresses herself in your chart or by transit. When Venus is retrograde in the sky every couple of years, this usually beneficent planet can show us a very different face.

Libra, Venus ruledposted by Neith . . .