Charlton Heston: The Death of an Iconic Figure

c hestonCharlton Heston died the night of April 5, 2008, in his home in Beverly Hills, very close to the New Moon in Aries and, ironically, around the time we launched this website.

A fellow Libra, I realized when I saw his chart that he and I shared Scorpio rising and 12th house Sun, too. However, his mid-heaven is Leo with the North Node conjunct Neptune and Venus located in his 10th house, very fitting for a man who enjoyed a great deal of success on the silver screen.

His best-known role was in Ben Hur. I saw the film when it was released in theaters far too many years ago. My grandmother took all of us kids to see it and I still recall how long three hours of movie was for a small child.  ::grin:: 

Having Saturn conjunct his Ascendant in Scorpio played well for him on screen and lent a stern, authoritarian quality that blended well with the regal beauty of Venus conjunct Neptune in Leo. With his Libra Sun hidden in his 12th house, it comes as no surprise that the influence of Libra’s ruler, Venus, dominates. 

The ruler of his Ascendant, Mars, is conjunct the South Node in Aquarius, opposite Venus. He was also well-known for his strong stand on gun control and his involvement in the NRA.

His Moon in Sagittarius (the hunter) is the apex of a T-square with Mercury in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces, reflecting a willingness to speak out in no uncertain terms, dispensing with any vestige of Libra diplomacy on issues he felt strongly about. Pluto in Cancer squared his Libra Sun adding to the tendency to take a position and “stay the course.” With Neptune and Pluto the elevated planets in his chart, I believe there is little question he was a spokesperson for his generation.

This is my first post of a planned series on celebrities and celebrity couples. Just check the celebrity category for the latest.

Charlton Heston, born October 4, 1924, at 7:55 AM in Evanston, IL (USA)

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4 thoughts on “Charlton Heston: The Death of an Iconic Figure

  1. Pat Post author

    Right on the money, Neith. Whether or not we agree with his politics, as astrologers, we have to see that he was a perfect expression of his chart. We can never second-guess what someone’s purpose is in this incarnation.

    As many of you know, I’ve been working on a new take on the lunar nodes. Here is someone who moved with perfect balance between his nodes by using his fame to champion an emotionally laden cause that, whatever you may think of it, is deeply rooted in our culture.


  2. Neith Post author

    Curiously he was active in the early days of the civil rights movement too. He was also married to the same woman from 1944 until his death . . . may have something to do with Saturn on the ascendant & Taurus on the 7th. I want to do a post on Patrick Swayze & his wife – another very faithful, devoted couple.


  3. nathifah

    How powerful are the dispositors of a sign! He was the archetypal hero, something you wouldn’t expect from a Libra or a Scorpio, his Ascenant. And then we realize that Venus, the dispositor of Libra is in Leo which resonates perfectly with that image.He has a Grand Trine in fire element which is always “the Hero” or “The Knight in Shining Armor”. And with the conjunction of Venus, Neptune and the North Node it seems to me that he came to embody for the world (10th house) the Archetype of THE HERO more than his true persona.


  4. Neith Post author

    And with the conjunction of Venus, Neptune and the North Node it seems to me that he came to embody for the world (10th house) the Archetype of THE HERO more than his true persona.

    I think so too and a definite contributor to his great success. With his sun in the 12th, much of his true persona was behind the scenes.


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