Out with the Ram, In with the Bull

Sumerian BullThe Sun finishes its annual path through Aries this week and enters Taurus on Saturday, just in time for the astrological equivalent of a Blue Moon.

The go-go pace of Aries will slow down to a more leisurely gait with the Sun in Taurus, and we may feel somewhat lethargic with Jupiter and Saturn both stationing in earth signs.

The week starts out with plenty of fire, though, with the Moon in Leo and the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries. Get as much done as you can on Monday, because the week will get progressively slower and lazier.

On Thursday, Mercury enters Taurus and the Moon enters Libra. We’re going to feel like starting the weekend early. Mercury’s trine to Pluto and Saturn on Friday is good for being productive, but there will be no mistaking the energy shift, which will be complete when the Sun enters Taurus on Saturday. This will be a great weekend for shopping, if you’re into it. Just make sure you leave plenty of time to linger over a latte with extra whipped cream.

The Full Moon occurs on Sunday at 3:25 a.m. on the West Coast of the United States. Neith beat me to the punch writing about this special Full Moon, which is one of two in Scorpio. It’s not exactly a Blue Moon, which usually means two Full Moons in one month, but it’s the astrological equivalent.

At just over 0 degrees Scorpio, this Full Moon represents powerful energy for establishing projects begun at the New Moon. We’re hopeful that it means the next level of success for Real Astrologers, and I hope it represents success for you, too! If you have planets or chart points near 0 degrees of the fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — you will feel this Full Moon more than others. (I’ve got a fixed grand cross at 0-3 degrees. I’ll let you know what happens!)

The past week has been thrilling for Neith and me, and we are enormously gratified to see that regular readers of Neith.net, Neith on Synastry, and The Pisces Chronicles have found your way here. But we sure are looking forward to a breather before gearing up for the next wave of activity. We have lots of new ideas for the site, so check back often!

Love and blessings,
Libra may rule, but Aquarius rules astrology :-)Pat

P.S. My comprehensive transit report includes details of which lunations of the year are most significant for you.

2 thoughts on “Out with the Ram, In with the Bull

  1. Neith

    Love the Sumerian bull image on this post – perfect for Taurus. I’m ready for a slightly slower pace after running around like a crazy person this past month. And to think I had been looking forward to Mars going direct . . . :-)


  2. devil mood

    Thanks for that summary Pat :)
    It’s really helpful, I have things to do and Monday is already ending over here. Ooh, best get to work!


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