David Cook, Sagittarius Extraordinaire

David Cook, American Idol winner While I was listening to the TV this morning, I caught a performance by David Cook, the latest American Idol winner. I will be the first to admit I know very little about the show and have yet to watch an episode, so there was no special reason for me to walk into the room and watch him sing.

He is good and comes across as genuine, with an appealing personality. Naturally, as an astrologer, I immediately wanted to see his birth chart.

He was born December 20, 1982, in Houston, TX, with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius. The defining aspect in his chart is arguably the close conjunction of his Sun and Neptune sextile Pluto in Libra and semi-sextile Jupiter in Scorpio.

The strong outer planet influence marks him as one who speaks for his generation, and there is no more obvious sign of that than to be voted in as the new American Idol. Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter combine to give him a quiet charisma and charm as well as the ability to project and be projected on. It does not pay to underestimate the power of Neptune . . . ever. Pluto and Jupiter give him presence and self-confidence.

His Mars in Aquarius is square Saturn in Scorpio, so he has the potential to be his own worst enemy or best friend. Another aspect to his Mars is a sextile to Uranus in Sagittarius, giving him a creative push as well as itchy feet. It will be sometime before this man settles down, if ever. Don’t be surprised if you see his name linked with many lovely women in the months to come!

Venus conjunct Mercury in Capricorn gives him a generous dose of well-grounded charm and the ability to think on his feet and come across as pleasant and kind. David is blessed in many ways and it will be interesting to see if he can use Pluto’s transit over his Venus and Mercury in to make the most of his Idol fame.

Pluto returns to Sagittarius briefly this year and will conjoin David’s Sun one last time. My guess is this transit will complete his transformation as a singer and performer. It is possible that Saturn in Virgo, now sextile his natal Saturn in Scorpio, will help keep him focused, too. He needs this support, because this is not the chart of a driven personality but rather a very blessed one.

Libra hereposted by Neith . . .

David Cook natal chart (birth time unknown, chart set for noon)

3 thoughts on “David Cook, Sagittarius Extraordinaire

  1. Jessica_

    So the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction happened on his Sun, too!

    My son also has Sun in Sadge and Venus in Cap, and when he was a tiny baby I used to watch Idol and tell him I’d be a proud mom if he grew up to be the next Idol. (Of course I’ll be proud no matter what, I just used to watch the show with him!)


  2. Jessica_

    OH. My son has Jupiter in Scorpio too, fixed grand cross actually…. maybe quite a bit in common with David Cook! :)


  3. Neith Post author

    Hey Jessica,

    OH. My son has Jupiter in Scorpio too, fixed grand cross actually….

    With a fixed grand cross, I bet your son has more determination than David. He has a laid back chart.

    I have Jupiter in Scorpio too . . . but it’s in my 12th, so it seems like my “luck” operates in an indirect manner!


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