Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Using Astrology

In this week’s poll, we’d like your feedback on how big a role astrology plays in your life. What do you use it for? Please feel free to elaborate with a comment!

Results of Last Week’s Poll

31.3% answered “Love ‘em. They are bright, articulate and witty.”
18.8% answered “Like them a lot because they make me laugh.”
25.0% answered “So, so. They are too unpredictable even if they are charming.”
6.3% answered “They drive me crazy because they talk too much.”
18.8% answered “Don’t have any Gemini friends.”

When it comes to Gemini, the sign of the twins, while those who love them are favored, they still get a mixed review from our readers. I found the overall duality of the responses very interesting and very much in keeping with this dualistic sign. While the first category got the most votes at 31.3 percent, the balance of 68.7 percent said Gemini folk are regarded with a certain amount of caution.

Judging from the excellent comments (thanks, all!), the general rule in astrology stating that fire and air signs are compatible shines through. Those with more earth and water tend to find mutable Gemini too changeable.

I especially liked seeing the comments reflecting knowledge beyond the Sun sign and how it affects their interactions with others. Personally I LOVE getting lots of feedback, adding to our mutual understanding of how astrology works.

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