Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Mars-Saturn Conjunction

We’re wondering how everyone is handling the Mars-Saturn conjunction taking place in Virgo on July 10. Mars conjoins Saturn every two years and usually is an attention getter, especially if you have lots of Aries or Scorpio in your chart or Mars on the angles. You can find out more about it in this week’s forecast … but vote first!

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Results of Last Week’s Poll

Last week, we wanted to know how you planned to use the energy of the New Moon in Cancer. The votes are all in, and here’s how you responded: 

14.3% Spending time with my family
0.0% Call my mother
14.3% Start a new health regime
0.0% Taking a luxurious bath
71.4% Take a “time out” and lie around the house doing nothing

Well, I can see that I’m definitely in the minority, but since when is that news? I was one of the few who said I was starting a new diet. It’s not exactly a diet; I’m just adding some healthy things into my daily regime to balance out all the bad habits I’ve developed on my new job, such as drinking Pepsi to keep myself going at high speed. I know, I know . . .

I did take a long, luxurious bath last Wednesday, and Jessica said she IM’d her mother! So those activities weren’t entirely lacking.

Clearly, though, most of you were ready for some serious downtime, and the New Moon in Cancer is certainly one of the best times for that. Now we know, confirmed by all of you.

Please don’t forget to vote this week. The more responses we get, the more accurate data we get. It helps us be better astrologers, too!

And remember, whenever you need personal guidance to get through planetary transits such as this troublesome Mars-Saturn conjunction, e-mail either of us, and we’ll help you decide which of our reports and forecasts is the best option for you.

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6 thoughts on “Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Mars-Saturn Conjunction

  1. Jessica_

    Work-loaded, obstacle-filled, tough week. I am very sensitive to Mars transits. Mars Rising (in Cancer). But even so, this still seems like NOTHING compared to Mars Rx in Cancer!!!


  2. leslee

    Hm, I thought it was just PMS. ;-) It’s going through my first house, but is past conjuncting my planets there.


  3. Neith Post author

    Hey Jessica!
    I agree about the Mars Rx in Cancer period . . . much worse than this. Maybe because it went on, and on, and on! And squared our Libra planets. :-D


  4. Neith Post author

    Very funny, Leslee! PMS, indeed. :-D

    It just occurred to me [little overloaded these days . . .]for those who are experiencing Mars crossing their ASC, this is an influence I live with because natally Mars is conjunct my ASC, although on the 12th house side.


  5. mm

    No real effect. I am feeling blocked at the moment though not to the point of total frustation. I am putting that down to the fact that tr Saturn and Mars are currently trundling their way through my 12th house. So I’m fairly accepting of (or resigned to) the current stalemate. You’ve got to have endings before you have beginnings. Let’s see what Aug/Sept bring …


  6. Neith Post author

    Hi mm,

    This is very wise . . . You’ve got to have endings before you have beginnings. Something tells me you learned this through experience. :-D


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