Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: The August Eclipses

 With two eclipses coming up in August, we’d like to know in this week’s poll how you feel about this celestial phenomenon, which has caused fear, dread, and a sense of wonder since ancient times.

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Results of Last Week’s Poll

 With the Sun and Venus in Leo, we decided to ask for your feedback on how you feel about Leos. This is how you voted:

46.4% Lots of fire in my chart so I love them.
21.4% They irritate the heck out me, too loud and overbearing.
0.0% I have nothing in common with them so don’t know any.
32.1% Could they pay attention to someone other than themselves?

Well, it looks like the number of people who voted love Leos, a good sign for all you Leo types out there! Before you let all the adulation go to your head, note the second largest number of votes went to option number four. But don’t worry, we still love you.

There are a certain number of people, most likely Scorpio and Taurus folk, who find your typical Leo a teensy bit overbearing and loud. Now why would they think that? Could it be because they live in the apartment beneath your lordly realm and didn’t appreciate the wonderful party you threw that lasted into the wee hours? Who would have thought . . .

I guess those people with no Leos in their lives (the poor deprived souls) didn’t even bother to vote. Either that or there weren’t any, the more logical choice.

And just so you know this is all in fun . . . I voted for option number one!!

Libra likes Leosposted by Neith . . .