New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse, August 1, 2008

New Moon in Leo, warmth & beautyThe New Moon at 9° Leo 31′ is a force to be reckoned with for several reasons.

It is the first lunation in a pair of eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis (the second eclipse is the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 16). Also, it falls on Lammas, when the harvest is celebrated in the Celtic calendar. Lammas marks the point in the year when we become aware of the days growing shorter in the Northern Hemisphere. The primary focus, though, is on Leo, the fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are conjoined in Leo, urging us to explore our hearts and bringing warmth and light to encourage us to stand up for what we believe in. As one with natal Saturn in Leo, I know it is possible to grow in confidence and to learn to express the love and joy hidden in a shy heart. In fact, this New Moon Leo stellium falls on my natal Saturn in the ninth house, and here I am writing for readers from around the world. We can all use the tremendous creative power generated by this New Moon to make a long-desired breakthrough on our own personal path to becoming our most authentic selves.

Venus is also in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius and forming a waxing trine to Pluto in Sagittarius (exact early next week). This combination suggests that we have a window of opportunity to pursue creative goals with focus and intensity. It is not often we can manifest Neptune’s marvelous inspirations and work with them in a tangible way. Write down ideas and possibilities at this time for future development. Keep in mind that creative seed ideas can grow exponentially.

Another aspect underlining the cyclical nature of life is Uranus in Pisces exactly trine Ceres in Cancer. Whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are moving into the dark cycle or the Southern Hemisphere where the days are getting longer, we are at a point of transition. Uranus is noted for being a harbinger of change, and Ceres reminds us that all things come in cycles. This aspect suggests that if we acknowledge and prepare ourselves for change, we will make the transition smoothly.

Mars in Virgo is moving closer to an exact opposition with Uranus in Pisces. If you have planets or chart angles near 22 degrees, this opposition is making its self felt in your life. Remember the Mars-Saturn conjunction? Well, this opposition will most likely have a completely different effect in our lives, creating disruption and change for the sake of change. It may help to realize that sometimes a good housecleaning is needed to make way for new and better possibilities to enter our lives . . . or not.

Saturn does not play much of a role in the New Moon chart, but be aware he will in the one for the Full Moon on August 16. What is theoretical now may become reality at that time.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is, Early morning dew salutes the sunlight. This is wonderful symbolism for a New Moon in Leo, with all the exhilaration of new possibilities unfolding before us. The caution is to remember to let go of difficult situations and not anticipate trouble that may never happen. Enjoy the moment and breathe in the dawn.

Libra, Venus ruledposted by Neith . . .

5 thoughts on “New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse, August 1, 2008

  1. devil mood

    Wow, this is a big one for me.
    To start off, the New Moon will be exactly squaring my Venus. And then I also have at least 3 important points close to 22 degrees.
    Everything you mentioned makes sense Neith, that’s why I’ll keep a close eye on this eclipse.


  2. Neith Post author

    Hey DM!

    Yes, Mars op Uranus can encourage us to move too fast or speak before thinking, etc. The next week will be a good time to consciously slow down if at all possible. :-)

    I’ve been reading Bernadette Brady’s book on predictive astrology and she says transits squaring natal planets forces action in new areas. heh, you may end up being attracted to someone you never expected to be attracted to! :::grin:::


  3. devil mood

    Neith, I hope so, in some ways it’s been quite hectic this week.
    Being attracted to someone unexpected has happened and it has the potential to be even better than the expected. It might not also but…let’s wait and see. ;)


  4. Mandy H.

    Hi Neith,

    Feels as though there’s a barrier all round me … one that I’d love to be able to punch my way through… I’m hoping the eclipse will give me that focus to do it.


  5. Jessica_

    Oddly, this eclipse doesn’t really aspect anything in my chart. I’m still feeling it though… but it’s like I just feel dark moon energy. So depressed/anxious yesterday and today, which is totally out of character. Looking forward to the release. I love the imagery of this Sabian symbol. Thanks for the beautiful photo and the encouraging article. I’m looking for ways to plant seeds of creativity this week, for sure.


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