Weekly Forecast August 4: Mars opposite Uranus

The castration of Uranus by SaturnPush comes to shove this week as Mars, planet of action and aggression, opposes erratic Uranus. This pair can cause explosions, and it’s a sure bet that there will be a spectacular one somewhere in the world.

As the week begins, we’re still in the wake of Friday’s eclipse, which some of you felt very strongly, either as a shift in a real situation or emotionally. Whatever your circumstances, they will remain in flux until the Full Moon lunar eclipse on August 16. At that time, you can expect a culmination of a situation that started in February. The final chapter is still to come, however, as this series of eclipses runs for another year.

Back in mid-June, Mars opposed Neptune right after forming an inconjunct with Uranus. I experienced a few mishaps at the time, including spilling a pot of scalding-hot soup all over myself. With Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception (both planets are in the sign ruled by the other), we can expect some similar events, although they will be more direct and more explosive, as Uranus is not nearly as subtle as Neptune.

The Mars-Uranus opposition peaks on Wednesday, but Mars transits can be felt a week on either side, so we’re already well in the thick of it. Moreover, the Moon conjoins Mars on Monday and opposes Uranus less than three hours later, triggering this aspect’s volatile energy. Pay attention to situations that come up on Monday, as they will provide a clue as to how your personal life will be affected, if at all.

Within three minutes of the Mars-Uranus opposition, Mercury opposes Neptune, so I’m guessing that we’ll get some news fairly quickly, although it may not be immediately clear what’s going on. In your personal life, you may be confused, in part because of information overload. Neptune connects us to our higher consciousness and the collective, whereas Mercury is more literal. In Leo, he thinks in conventional, traditional terms.

In short, you may need time to mentally process any events in your personal life associated with this set of aspects. But, as I mentioned above, it likely will take until the lunar eclipse next week for everything to shake out anyway. This is all the more true since that event will occur in close conjunction with Neptune.

It’s all connected…

Venus changes signs this week, going from showy Leo to the sign of her fall, Virgo. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and sensuality, and she wilts in practical, analytical Virgo. Venus wants flowers and romance, while Virgo considers these things useless and detrimental to getting the job done.

Mercury trines Pluto on Saturday and then enters Virgo on Sunday. Virgo is one of the two signs Mercury rules (although you all know that if I had my way, Ceres would be the modern ruler of Virgo). If nothing else, we should have some extra ammunition to analyze the tough emotional situations we find ourselves in these days.

I know I could use some.

Love and blessings to all…
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The Defeat of Uranus by Saturn, by Giorgio Vasari and Gherardi Christofano, 16th century, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Rather grisly image, but that’s the cosmology of Uranus. And remember, it’s how lovely Venus came into being …