Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Mars-Uranus Opposition

The opposition between Mars and Uranus is exact today at 22° Virgo-Pisces. When this volatile pair clashes, the results can be explosive, literally or figuratively. Depending on the house they are transiting in your natal chart, you may get an unexpected shock or surprise. This will be all the more true if one or both planets are near a key natal planet or your chart angles.

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As always, your answers help us collect empirical evidence that helps us become better astrologers, so please vote. If none of these answers is close, feel free to leave a comment with your experience. Also note, the influence of this aspect may last through the weekend, so it may take another couple of days to shake out. You can wait to vote, or vote now and change it later, if necessary. (For more information on the Mars-Uranus opposition, see Pat’s weekly forecast.)

Results of Last Week’s Poll

We asked how you felt about last week’s solar eclipse and here’s the response:

17.2%  They scare the hell out of me.
48.3%  I welcome the changes they bring, even though I know it might be uncomfortable.
00.0%  It’s bad luck, so I stay inside with the shades drawn.
10.3%  Haven’t thought about it.
24.1%  Love watching them unfold even if I have no clue about what they mean.

Many of our readers are stalwart souls and willing to welcome the changes an eclipse brings into their lives even if those are painful. If the eclipse was conjunct or opposing an important personal planet, the mid-heaven, Ascendant or Descendant, this celestial event was a memorable one! And least you forget, the effect an eclipse has is far less confined to a timetable than the usual planetary transit is.

A few of you found them frightening, and I’m sure our ancestors would be in complete agreement – watching the Sun disappear and darkness fall in mid-day. I still vividly recall the one total solar eclipse I experienced, watching the Moon slowly move across the Sun, darkness falling, and all the birds and animals acting like it were true nightfall. It was a very eerie moment.

The next largest group was those who were happy to sit back and watch the show unfold. But I bet they will be noting where the next eclipse is going to fall in their charts. And I bet those who selected “haven’t thought about it” will be joining them, since our readership is comprised by and large of those with a strong interest in astrology.

Libra, Venus ruledposted by Neith . . .

5 thoughts on “Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Mars-Uranus Opposition

  1. Jessica_

    I voted ‘blowup with my honey’ but it was actually with my ex! i wondered if it would happen and then events unfolded that way naturally!


  2. Neith Post author

    LOL, Jessica! Funny how things can work out!

    My mind is all over the place and I’m sure there are ideas that I will regret not making a note of!


  3. mm

    I voted (2nd option) but can also report a really nasty stomach bug which has kept me off work. Liquids only. :-( Mars is v.close to my ascendant so that probably has some effect.


  4. Neith Post author

    {{{{{mm}}}}}} I do think there is a connection between stress in your workplace, Mars approaching your ASC,Uranus transiting your 6th house and getting hit with a nasty stomach bug.

    hmmmmmm, Uranus transits through the 6th seem like a time when we are being encouraged to pursue our ideal vocation. Uranus transits may be disruptive but for people who need support to assert themselves, they can be very helpful.


  5. mm

    Thanks very much Neith. Re Uranus in 6th, hadn’t thought of it that way.

    I’ve a feeling tangible progress will have to wait till the all personal planets cross the ascendant in Sept and those outer planets start to turn direct, even though Merc turns retrograde again later in the month. Feel very very stuck right now, so am trying to concentrate on the small stuff. The daily round and all that.


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