Weekly Forecast August 11: Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

King Neptune, by Walter Crane
We’re still in the period between eclipses, and with Mars just past an opposition to Uranus and coming up on a square with Pluto, this likely will be a tumultuous week.

Let’s look at Mars first. The opposition to Uranus has separated enough that the dust is settling, but the effects lasted right up until yesterday — at least, I found this to be the case. And be forewarned that whatever came up for you last week is likely to be an ongoing issue for the next year, as Saturn is moving toward opposition to Uranus in early November and will make two more passes until finally separating in September 2009. We’ll have more on this, of course, as the dates get closer.

This week, Mars squares Pluto. Whereas Mars-Uranus aspects can indicate explosions, Mars-Pluto combinations suggest implosions or, at the very least, intense discomfort. There is an element of subversion, underhanded manipulation, and struggles for power and control. As always, you’ll feel this aspect the most if either of these planets falls on key planets or angles in your natal chart. The aspect is exact late Saturday on the West Coast of the United States.

Venus, unfortunately, isn’t going to be able to do much to intervene. She’s unhappily placed in Virgo and meets up with Saturn on Wednesday, which puts a chilling effect on her ability to soothe and bring conciliatory love. Those of you who are going through relationship difficulties may find this to be a lonely week. Try not to despair. Even if you’re in a tough situation, the pain will subside in a week or two, and you’ll be able to move forward with a plan.

Talking about the situation may be difficult, too, as Mercury also conjoins Saturn. The aspect is exact on Friday, but we’ll feel it for a couple of days on either side. Resist the temptation to be overly critical and to blame others for the difficulties in your life. At the same time, don’t get stuck in blaming yourself, as this isn’t particularly helpful or productive, either. The best strategy this week, if you can swing it, is to reserve judgment and wait until next week to see the picture more clearly.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse on Saturday brings ongoing issues to a head. There shouldn’t be any surprises to this one. Chances are, you’ve seen the handwriting on the wall in big, bold letters, although perhaps you’ve been wishing that it weren’t true. The eclipse falls at 24°21′ Aquarius, in close conjunction with Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions. If you can strip away the wishful thinking, you may find that the reality, while stark, is something you can deal with. You just need to confront it, and then deep healing can take place.

As always, Neith will have more on the Full Moon later this week.

I should also mention that Mercury and Venus both trine Jupiter late this week, although I’m not counting on them to be very helpful. Venus and Jupiter both are in their fall, and Jupiter is retrograde. At best, we may get a few moments of relief, and yet even that may come through less-than-ideal methods such as having a beer too many or downing a pint of ice cream. Or maybe you’ll just want to talk someone’s ear off.

Do what you have to do to stay steady.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: King Neptune, by illustrator Walter Crane, born August 15, 1845.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast August 11: Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

  1. inishglora

    All I have to do is look at the headlines. Incredible amounts of murder, beatings, theft, fires, explosions, trucks overturning, general mayhem, and of course, the latest war front. Yay!

    I’m gonna join the dust-bunnies now.


  2. Rossa

    Don’t want to be a doom-monger in view of all inishglora says is going on, but does the Mars square Pluto combined with the Eclipse in conjunction with Neptune (water) signify anything to do with the weather for the US West Coast or even signal a potential earthquake (implosion)?


  3. Pat Post author

    Rossa, Mars-Pluto typically isn’t about weather or earthquakes, but certainly can be related to violence. The weather patterns may be more a function of the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune (Uranus in Neptune-ruled Pisces and Neptune in Uranus-ruled Aquarius), which has been active for several years and has a couple more to go. And yes, it’s possible that the eclipses in Leo-Aquarius and anything that triggers Uranus in Pisces could correlate to unusual weather.


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