Ask Our Readers: How Did the Eclipses Affect You?

We normally do a poll on Wednesdays, and we’re truly grateful to everyone who has taken the time to respond. However, we’d like to throw something a little different into the mix, primarily to allow you a wider range of expression.

Starting this week, we’re going to pose an open-ended question, and we’d like you to leave an answer in your own words. You can be as brief or as windy as you like – this is your opportunity to sound off.

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So … let’s get started. Here’s this week’s question:

Now that the August eclipses are over, how do you view the changes they brought into your life? Were they disruptive or beneficial?

Please tell us your Rising sign, or even better still (if you know) what houses in your natal chart the eclipses occurred.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPosted by Pat.

17 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: How Did the Eclipses Affect You?

  1. Rossa

    Hi Pat/Neith

    My rising sign is Capricorn. The recent lunar eclipse was in my 1st House (moon) and 7th House (Sun) so I’ve been looking at my identity (Aquarius 1st House)) and as I’m not in a personal relationship i.e. intimate one, I’ve been looking at the relationship I have with my father (Leo).

    My breakthrough came last night when I realised that in many ways I have been “mapping” his life. He has been the major influence in my life from birth and the “male” side of my identity is very well developed. I could say that the feminine has been “lost in translation”. The feeling I have from the Eclipse energy is to re-evaluate my opinions/beliefs and approach to life to find out what is truly me and what is my reflection/mirroring of his.

    So overall I would say beneficial for me and as it is also my Chiron Return (Chiron in Aquarius) there is some healing to be done and if this the wound that doesn’t heal at least it is recognised and understood.

    For those who want to look at our charts:-

    His: 27 Jul 1932, 3.15pm BST (GMT + 1), Blackheath, London, UK
    Mine: 3 Feb 1959, Norwich, England, UK, 6.30am GMT

    I don’t know anything about synastry apart from what I have read here so this is all a new learning process for me.


  2. Pat Post author

    Rossa, thank you for jumping in first!

    You and I are astrological kin, so to speak. My birthday is February 2, and my Ascendant is at 1 degree Aquarius — a good half a sign from yours — but our MC is just a degree apart, and our houses are laid out the same. So, the circumstances I found myself in are in many ways similar to what you report and also to what a client with a similar chart experienced.

    Leo and Aquarius (Sun and Rising) are pioneering new territory as a result of this eclipse series, and I do believe that it has a lot to do with essential masculine and feminine energies. Not to be too Freudian about it, but the first male energy we are exposed to is our father, and if that relationship is broken or otherwise distorted, it can impact our male-female relationships for the rest of our lives, until we acknowledge the problem and work to bring those energies back into balance.

    Congratulations for doing just that. Restoring balance on the planet happens one individual at a time…


  3. inishglora

    Pat, is “astrological kin” something you see often, or something that can be shown or demonstrated? I ask b/c I have a friend whose house layout is very similar to mine (altho the planetary configuration are different) and even though we are quite different in age, temperament, geographical location and habits, there is nevertheless an incredibly strong connection. It’s interesting. :o)

    As for me, I already mentioned the eclipses and their effects on me over at your blog. :o)


  4. Pat Post author

    Joe, it’s rare, at least I’m finding that to be true in my life. If you allow for 5 degrees in either direction for a similar Ascendant (a span of 10 degrees), then one in every 36 people I meet should be kin by Rising Sign, and that isn’t true. Nor do I have a majority of clients with that birth data.

    That said, I do have a disproportionate number of clients with strong Aquarius and Pisces in their charts. I would not call them “kin” necessarily, but there is a strong affinity and resonance. I also seem to attract a lot of fixed-sign people into my life :-) along with Capricorns, which makes sense because my Venus and Mercury are both in Cap.

    Does that answer your question?


  5. Jennifer R

    Scorpio rising, so I had planets/points set off during both eclipses (my midheaven/Mars for the first and Saturn in 10th for the second).

    NOTHING of interest has happened to me whatsoever. Family drama eruptions are going on around me, but for me that’s like Tuesday. (I always have drama eruptions, regardless of whatever goes on in the 4th house.) Careerwise is in major *yawn* stalling mode for the summer.

    I am very amused that my mom’s friend (Leo rising, eclipse hit her moon around the 7th cusp) has just plunged into a relationship again when she wasn’t expecting to and didn’t want to, though.


  6. Neith

    I borrowed this from my blog . . .

    On a personal note, the eclipse on August 16 brought us a spike in temperatures with 4 days over 100° F (37° C). The Moon-Neptune was in my 3rd house, the Sun my 9th, and forming a grand cross with my ASC-DES . . . totally messed with my head and left me in an exhausted fog. We usually have summer temps around 80-85°F (26° C) so we don’t have AC installed. Plus this is our biggest month for harvesting fruits and vegetables. Fortunately the weather has cooled down considerably, the onions and garlic are cleaned and drying and I’m starting to feel like a human being again! Life down on the farm is OK but boy am I looking forward to the first hard frost!!

    In addition the posts I wrote here for the eclipses brought a surge of views but in true Neptune fashion were more illusion than substance.


  7. leslee

    The August eclipses were wide on either side of my Uranus/Ascendant/Moon and Descendant Chiron (14/17/18 Leo and 17/18 Aquarius). (The February Lunar eclipse hit 17 Aqu of course, though not much happened then.) I’ve had some major, if quiet, breakthroughs in the past few days in terms of my thinking about relationships. I also have the transiting North Node and Chiron exact on my natal Chiron, so lots to do with that healing. Lots of insights. Funny you should mention fathers – I spent a few days with my dad about 10 days ago and, with my mother now gone, there’s a more easy-going energy and we had a nice visit. Could be part of the healing process.

    BTW, I’ve actually done charts for 3 other people with Ascendants within 8 degrees of mine. I suppose there could be others since I don’t know the time of birth of everyone I’m acquainted with. A couple of us butted heads though – maybe there isn’t room for having two Leo Ascendant types in the same emotional space ;-) (Although one is my last housemate who I lived with for 5 years, so so much for that theory!)


  8. wyn

    Scorp rising here as well, the solar eclipse hit my MC + north node conjunction…I didn’t feel a noticeable shift, but am adopting a wait and see mentality because I’ve read that sometimes these eclipses take up to 6months to show their full effects.


  9. juno jones

    Hey Pat and Neith- Like what you’ve done to the place :), I’ve been enjoying your new format here…Sorry I haven’t been around much, I’ve been busy, but all that has changed now…

    This eclipse has been a corker for me. Worst thing about it was that it seemed to pass me by at first-like it only happened to other people…ha!

    I now know what it meant. The first eclipse was in my 12th just befor the asc. Hidden enemies and secrets. Right after the second eclipse (in my first)my head chef, who is my favorite person at work and my ‘partner-in-crime’ was fired (I wish I had his birth time, so I could work out his houses). It was very secretive, one of our cooks had cosied up to the owner. The only ‘public’ gripe aired to my chef about his firing was that he didn’t get along with the waitstaff, although I was assured the next day that there were ‘several’ reasons (no details given) for the firing. To make a along story short, I put in my notice too, although it hurt mre almost physically to do so. I’ve had this job for about 18 months, had performed beyond my own expectations, had felt very secure in it and was looking forward to putting a couple of years in-or more- which is pretty asounding for my line of work, where we tend to bounce eternally from restaurant to restaurant. The weirdest thing is that none of this is my ‘fault’ in any way, my job was just collateral damage in some great secret kitchen shake-up. More fool I to think that all was well and comfy at work all this time, eh? I think I’ll be more proactive about banishing divisive energies in my kitchens from here on out…..

    Fortunately, the fates saw to give me a feather cushion to fall upon. My husband, the Crab, is urging me to take a month off, although frankly, the old instincts are screaming ‘better get a job quick!’ The month of virgo is gonna be a weird one, trying to relax with all those ‘what you aren’t working yet?’ vibes going on… sigh.

    Take care you two. Hope the worst of this one is over soon. J


  10. Pat Post author

    Jennifer, very interesting about your mom’s friend. Leo and Aquarius (Sun and Rising) definitely are getting hit the hardest by this eclipse series, but Rising Scorpio and Taurus are feeling it, too.

    Wyn, welcome! And you make a very good point. Yes, eclipses often take weeks or months to deliver all the effects. For me, there was no doubt. A big ending happened the day before the August 16 lunar eclipse. But just as typically, we can feel it at two weeks, one month, or three months. The Full Moon on November 13 will be one to watch (as well as the next New Moon, on August 30, and the Full Moon on September 15). There also will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse next February 9 that may repeat some of the themes of the one that just passed.

    Leslee, not all eclipse events have to be traumatic. Quiet healing and breakthroughs are landmark passages, too. The next installment could well be going from thinking about relationships to actually diving in.

    BTW, Neith is understating. Her post on the eclipse got us 2,635 total page views last Saturday alone, and our numbers have significantly risen as a result. We now have readers in 48 states (if you know anyone in Delaware or South Dakota, please get them over here so we can claim all 50!) plus D.C., and we are read in 85 countries around the world. It boggles my mind and is very humbling.


  11. Pat Post author

    {{{{{{{JUNO}}}}}} Smoochies to you, so glad you resurfaced. I’ve thought of you often over the past several months, wondered what you were up to. Now we know. What a story! Glad you are getting a vacation, although you’re right about that Virgo energy.

    Keep us posted, OK?


  12. juno jones

    I will Pat. to all!

    Yeah, this was hard. I helped open this place and we get raves about a couple of the baked goods that I wrote the recipes for. It hurts to have to leave.
    After playing hob with my sag sun and moon, pluto now moves into my 6th house capricorn stellium. With predictable results. Pluto is not all bad though. So far my experience with Pluto says, “This is a beach. Driftwood, shells, and even a few sandcastles decorate it. It can loook the same for a long time, but every so often a deep tide comes in and changes everything. When the tide goes out you are still on the same beach, but things have changed. The driftwood and shells have moved or disappeared, but new forms have been washed in or have resurfaced. (Don’t ask about the sandcastles!)” I’m finding a lot of that going on in my life. It’s not all bad, but combined with Uranus, it can be a little unsettling now and again.

    OOps, gotta catch the bus for ‘work’ (giving my last hurrah two-weeks here ’cause I’m a damn professional!) Take care, J


  13. Rossa

    Thank you Pat for your kind comments.

    Your blog at PC was the first one written by a woman that I found I was attracted to on the net so maybe I was drawn to it and your writing by the kinship in our charts.

    You are so right about the male/female balance. I have a female role model that is very masculine, from my mother, grandmother, Great-grandmother and Aunts. Agressive, dominant, feminist, not maternal and without any emotional empathy. So you could say my “masculine” side is overdeveloped really. I’m truly in my power as a (wo)man but imbalanced by my lack of femininity. Which may also explain my lack of a male/female relationship and also children (probably didn’t want to pass those characteristics on to another generation and my sister has had boys, to her great relief).

    It has been a pleasure reading your posts and taking part with an open and understanding group of people.


  14. Mandy H.

    Hi Pat,

    Aq/ RS Libra
    The action took place over my 5/11 th -just where all the action has been astrologically for the past however long. I had hoped that there would be a big breathrough but nothing much has happened. Probablybecause of that feel even more ‘trapped’ than I did before – in desperate, desperate need of personal head space (and not just from kids on school vacattion – from *everyone and everything* that has a call on me). Most frustratingly – I’m beginning to feel stirrings of the creative juices but haven’t got the chance to give into them. Interestingly have had a few clearly psychic experiences over the last two or three weeks but again haven’t got thepersonalspace to pursue these in any great depth.

    Have been in a big trough the weeks between the eclipses – feels like I’m climbing out of that now. But still feel extremely frustrated – feelas though I’m in an enclosed space still and no amount of pushing the walls helps me breakout .:( Really doesn’t feel like healing to me…


  15. Pat Post author

    Yes, Juno, I’ve heard it said that life’s a beach…

    Rossa, I don’t have a maternal bone in my body, and I often joke that my unborn children thank me every day of their disembodied nonexistence. Still, I have managed to find the feminine side, largely through my Pisces Moon. But that took several years and a lot of painful inner work to come to grips with.

    Mandy, you are feeling the compound effects of the eclipses plus the imminent Saturn-Uranus opposition, recently triggered by Mars. This is taking place in your twelfth and sixth houses, and to complicate things even more, Saturn is approaching your natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction. The pressure is … well, exactly as you describe. At times like this, a transit reading can be highly beneficial. Lots of love and courage to you.


  16. mm

    Ascendant 26 degrees Virgo. The solar and lunar eclipses were in the 11th and 5th houses respectively.

    The two weeks were gruelling and pivotal, primarily because of work issues and my own reactions to stress and other people’s behaviour. I also had a bad reaction to something I ate during this period.

    Looking back, the period of the eclipses felt like a test of some kind that I had to go through …… without quite understanding why. The underlying issues at work haven’t gone away and the next few weeks will, I think, be critical.

    On the plus side, I have had some kind of a shift in the last week and I feel much more positive. Things seem to have started moving again after weeks of stagnation.


  17. ENesland

    Asc 24 Aqu, Sun 23 Taur, pluto 5 virgo, no node 2 virgo, uranus 21 leo….I was DREADING this one. Only thing that did happen was a supervisor whom I despise (an aqu)found out her husband’s job was being eliminated or relocated. (Hurrah!) Except two days later further developments have her staying & continueing to make my life miserable at an otherwise perfect, satisfying well-paying position. Nothing but the most uneventful August on record for me, though.

    Oh- except that very abruptly I quit smoking with no forethought! Cigs were not a real problem- smoked about a pack a week- but wanted to drop it. Suddenly on the 16th they tasted just like the s**t that they are, and the craving is completely gone! Weird.


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