Weekly Forecast August 25: New Moon in Virgo, Venus enters Libra

Helen of Troy, by Evelyn de Morgan, 1898

The Sun is in Virgo, and fall is definitely here in the Pacific Northwest. The days are noticeably shorter, the light is growing thinner, the nights are cold, and the vegetable stands are overflowing with good things from the Earth.

This is my favorite time of year, when I feel invigorated. Perhaps we know deep down in our genetic coding (we in the Northern Hemisphere) that this is the Earth’s last hurrah, our time of celebration and abundance before heading into the darkest days of the year and the corresponding turn inward.

This cycle is very much reflected in the mythology of Ceres (the Greek Demeter), the quintessential earth mother. I’ve written a lot on my blog, The Pisces Chronicles, about Ceres as the modern ruler of Virgo, if not alone then as co-ruler with Mercury. I have a feeling that if the ancient astrologers who devised our rulership system had known of the existence of Ceres and the other planets discovered since the 18th century, they would have revised their system accordingly.

Ceres, as it turns out, is fairly quiet right now, in the early degrees of Leo and not in aspect with the heavy players of the week. Her influence will grow, however, as she moves through Leo and the degrees of the eclipses in the current series, and then when she enters Virgo in early November. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it…

This week, we have an edgy New Moon in Virgo (more about that in a minute), as well as Mercury and Venus moving into Libra. Let’s talk about Venus first.

Venus has not been happy at all in Virgo, the sign of her fall. Conversely, Libra is one of the two signs ruled by Venus. The image I chose for this week’s post says it all. Venus in Libra is the highest expression of feminine beauty and grace. She is adorned, pampered, worshipped, fought over … and, OK, a little spoiled, but that has been the due for gorgeous creatures since time immemorial.

That said, Venus in Libra is not egocentric and knows how to compromise to get what she wants. Compromise truly is an art, and like many other things, it requires knowing yourself. Otherwise, you don’t know whether you’re giving away too much or compromising your integrity. Venus enters Libra Saturday at 7:41 a.m. on the West Coast of the United States — not a moment too soon, as the New Moon is just a few hours away, and I think it’s going to be a tough one for many of us.

As usual, Neith will have a full report in a day or two. For now, I’ll note simply that this New Moon, just shy of 8 degrees Virgo, falls in fairly close conjunction with Saturn, a stern presence whose lessons are never easy to learn. Depending on the house position of this New Moon in your chart, you may be asked to take on a new responsibility, or you may be forced to accept responsibility for your behavior or your approach to a certain part of your life. This is not a bad thing, obviously, but it is a lesson that many of us learn only under duress.

Mercury also enters Libra this week, at 7:50 p.m. PDT on Thursday. Although Mercury isn’t exalted here, Libra is an air sign and thus a comfortable place for Mercury’s intellectual, analytical qualities. Talking about relationships will be especially productive, and that will include rehashing unresolved problems when Mercury goes retrograde on September 24. The shadow period starts on September 2, so be sure to wrap up Mercury related activities this week, including making changes to your computer system, signing contracts, sending important correspondence, and getting your accounting in order.

Mercury and Venus both square Pluto before changing signs — Mercury on Wednesday and Venus on Friday. This should help identify relationship problems at their source, even if it’s just in your own mind, so that you can work to find solutions. Realizations may be painful, or you may finally just accept what you’ve known inside all along.

Love and lots of courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Helen of Troy, by Evelyn de Morgan, 1898. The artist was a Virgo, born August 30, 1855, and of course had Venus in Libra. Could there be a more fitting image for Venus in Libra at the New Moon?