New Moon in Virgo, August 30, 2008

down on the farmThe New Moon this Saturday, August 30, is the first following the pair of eclipses earlier this month. The Sun and Moon at 7°48′ Virgo, conjunct Saturn, emphasize responsible manifestation of our goals.

Saturn is the taskmaster, but at least we find that what he asks of us is easy to understand – not necessarily pleasant, but understandable. Saturn reminds us of the need to behave in a responsible manner. When he’s in Virgo, being of service to others is high on his priorities list. We are being asked to eat our vegetables first, then dessert!

One of the best things about this New Moon is the lovely supporting trine from Jupiter in Capricorn. Virgo and Capricorn are not flashy signs, but they are both excellent for getting down to work in a quiet, straightforward manner. After the drama of the eclipses in Leo-Aquarius, most of us are more than ready for a break. If your experiences this month have been remotely like mine, there is a backlog of things to catch up on!

The Jupiter-Saturn trine will be in effect until early December, giving us time to take care of business. Trines do not require a lot of effort, just awareness to seize the opportunities that present themselves. However, it would be a shame to waste any moment of this very productive aspect between practical Saturn and visionary Jupiter. Those of you who have planets and chart angles at the mid-degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will notice this aspect the most, especially if Saturn will conjoin those points in your chart.

My Libra self is extremely happy to see the nice stellium in Libra occurring at this New Moon, with Venus, Mercury, and Mars all in the sign of balance. If you have need of charm and diplomacy to make a move at this time, this stellium has those qualities in spades. The trine from Pallas in Gemini provides further support for making accurate assessments of any situation. Pallas is the asteroid specializing in clear, concise thought and organizational skills, and Mercury ruled Gemini is associated with communications in general.

Because neither Neptune in Aquarius nor Uranus in Pisces are aspected in this chart, we are going to catch a breather from dealing with the issues those two outer planets have been pummeling us with over the past few months. Pluto in Sagittarius is also out of orb with the inner planets at this time. It is much easier for us to recognize and deal with matters related to Jupiter and Saturn than the archetypes of the three outermost planets. A practical, mundane focus is in order for now.

The Sabian symbol for 8 Virgo is, A girl takes her first dancing lesson, and the keyword is ASSISTANCE. As usual the Sabian symbol strikes right to the heart of the matter and, in this case, it is the New Moon conjunction with Saturn. We learn many things by practicing with focus and diligence, and this is a great time for practicing discipline, self-control, and concentration. Saturn always blesses our efforts to manage our lives by taking small steps instead of taking giant leaps in mid-air.

All in all, this New Moon is going to be good for us, a time to pick up the loose ends and deal with them in an orderly fashion. Virgo and Libra both remind us of the value of treating others with politeness and consideration – a great time to practice “paying it forward” with random acts of kindness. We need to take advantage of this opportunity, because the Full Moon in Pisces next month will conjoin Uranus, not Saturn, and life will get “interesting” once more.

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Of course, today is the day to write your New Moon abundance checks! Here’s how.


5 thoughts on “New Moon in Virgo, August 30, 2008

  1. Pat Post author

    Great post, Neith … as usual. :-)

    I might add regarding that Sabian symbol that ASSISTANCE is required when we begin new lessons. There certainly are self-taught writers, painters, and, yes (gasp!), astrologers, but having a strong, patient, and wise teacher gets us farther, faster. We are even more blessed if that teacher is visionary and has a healthy enough ego to accept that occasionally a student will come along who surpasses the teacher.

    If Saturn can do all that, then I will listen closely, diligently do my homework, and stop throwing paper wads behind his back. :-)


  2. Neith Post author

    Yes, Pat, I just keep persistently promoting the idea Saturn is not as malefic as traditional astrologers would have him. Boring maybe but not mean spirited.

    I am by and large one of those self-taught astrologers, mostly learning from books and years of observation and looking at charts. David Pond and Terry Lamb were the two pros I studied with on and off. Terry and I roomed together for about nine months in the early eighties and discussed charts and Tarot every day [classic learning style for someone with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the 9th house)!


  3. Mandy H.


    One of the images of Saturn that has just struck me is that of strength. My Cappy mom (Aq Saturn -no house as no birth time) is has had huge problems to deal with (and still does even at 70+) has always just got on with it. She’s had her moments of weakness but in a lot of cases she’s been the person that’s held things together (for better or worse). She’s very , very ordered and so,so strong ….

    Argh I guess I’m going to have to check out that astrology course again…


  4. Neith Post author

    Here’s a quote from Ralfee Finn that I LOVE!!

    It is possible to live comfortably in a state of uncertainty, particularly if you’re clear about what you cannot control.

    Wish I had thought of it because this statement is an essential key on living with Pluto, natally or by transit.


  5. Tseka

    Love that photo of the farm, beautiful light against the trees.

    Thanks Pat and Neith for sharing your talents. I learn something new every time i vist – all of your sites.

    Jupiter in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo sounds like sanity in an uncertain world. Thank goodness for that bit of elasticity.


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