Synastry of John and Cindy McCain

John & Cindy McCain With Sun signs in Virgo and Taurus, John and Cindy McCain are an earth duo. They share an appreciation for the here-and-now reality of the physical world and a generally conservative approach to life.

Although Sun signs are not necessarily that important in synastry, two people with Sun signs in the same element generally tend to understand one another. Moreover, John’s Moon is in Capricorn, the third earth sign, and Cindy’s Moon may be in Capricorn, too, depending on what time she was born. As with the other political couples I’ve written about, missing birth data makes it tough to achieve a 100-percent precise reading.

The one air element in their synastry, appropriately, is a trine between John’s Mercury in Libra and Cindy’s Mercury in Gemini – invaluable for communications. Since they have a Saturn-Mercury intra-aspect, with John’s Saturn squaring Cindy’s Mercury and her Saturn semi-sextile his Mercury, he can come across as rather authoritarian on occasion, causing her to step back and close down. Without the benefit of the harmonious trine between their Mercury signs, it would be more difficult to open the door to understanding.

They do have good chemistry, with his Leo Mars sextile her Gemini Venus and her Mars in Capricorn trine his Venus in Virgo. John’s natal Mars is square Uranus and trine Jupiter, giving him impulse control issues, so Cindy’s ability to respond to his needs with understanding has no doubt been very good for their relationship.

Because of their 18-year age difference, they both have the North Node in Capricorn, South Node in Cancer. The synastry aspects to the lunar nodes show a deep connection, with her Venus-Jupiter in Gemini forming an out-of-sign conjunction with his South Node in Cancer. This aspect may show how her wealth allows them to live comfortably with several homes around the country. Her Mars conjoins his North Node in Capricorn, providing active support for his need to serve his country and its traditions.

Chiron is another active element in their synastry, with her Venus conjunct his Chiron in Gemini and his Moon conjunct her Chiron in Capricorn. The question here is whether these two sympathetic personal planets have provided a comfort level allowing for the healing of old wounds. Chiron often shows us where we feel most insecure, and John has a square between natal Chiron and Venus, reflecting doubts about being loveable. Cindy’s Chiron is closely trine her Sun, suggesting that she experienced positive reinforcement of her self-esteem growing up, thus making it likely she has been able to help John sort through his issues in this area.

They both have Juno in Leo, with Cindy’s Pluto in Leo closely conjoining them. Their idea of an ideal marriage and household is thus very similar, and this particular aspect has no doubt stood them in good stead with all the entertaining in support of John’s political career over the years. With Pluto adding his two cents, discussions about jealously and possessive behaviors had to have played a role behind the scenes.

With the strong Capricorn element in both charts and their favorable synastry aspects in general, it is easy to understand how they are both drawn to politics and serving their country in very traditional ways. They both share a desire to live within a conventional framework, and it has obviously worked for them as a couple, because John and Cindy were married for 29 years as of April.

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Verified Birth Data: John McCain 29 August 1936, Cocosolo, Panama; Cindy McCain 20 May 1954, Chicago, IL

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  1. Jennifer R

    I always find couplings where they both have nodal connections to be very interesting! Thanks for this one.


  2. inishglora

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the synastry between him and his first wife… the one he was technically still married to when he married Cindy.


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