Ask Our Readers: What Will Happen in 2012?

This week, we enter Day Six of the Mayan calendar. There are only two more “days” and one “night” left before the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. So we decided to ask our readers about your views on 2012.

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Neith says:

My interest in the Mayan calendar and 2012 has only been piqued recently and I really don’t know that much about it. However I tend to believe on the whole change comes incrementally where human kind is concerned baring catastrophic events and even those tend to affect a relatively small geographic area. I’m going to take a “wait and see” position for now. Pluto moving into Capricorn later this month is what has my attention!

Please add your thoughts about this!

4 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: What Will Happen in 2012?

  1. Jennifer R

    I somehow doubt the world will end while I’m alive, no matter what the Mayans say about it. So I mostly tend to ignore this. Get back to me in November 2012 and see how terrible things are going then, though…


  2. Pat Post author

    For those who would like more in-depth information on Day Six of the Mayan calendar, I just posted a new article on The Pisces Chronicles.

    Personally, I subscribe to the enlightenment theory, although I don’t think it will magically happen all at once. The trials that we are all going through now and have been going through for the past several years have been our teachers and our classroom, and if we feel a sense of inner turmoil now, it’s because we are being forced onto an acclerated learning curve.

    The increasing interest in astrology is just one indication of growing conscious awareness…


  3. Mandy H.

    I’m interested but detached from it – a case of que sera que sera – alpha and omega follow each other in the great cycle of existence…


  4. KayKay

    In the very earliest days of my journey into astrology, I heard a lecturer speak to the Mayan calendar and the possible reasons that it stops around November 2012. He highlighted several popular theories, but then said that his best guess was that it was based on their understanding of planetary cycles. They thought it would be 26,000+ years before 1 planetary snapshot in time could possibly be exactly repeated. Of course, since the end of the Mayan culture, we have added a lot of outer planets, and now it would take even longer than 26,000+ years.

    Still, the lecturer believed that to the ancient Mayans, November 2012 meant “end of cycle … turn the calendar back to page one and start over.”

    I never looked into it much further … it seemed such a remote date … and now look how close we are! I only looked up the 2012 issue about three or four months ago because a client asked about it. I was shocked by how much posting and blogging on the internet is devoted to 2012.

    I guess I agree with Mandy H. que sera sera. Given the number of people who are really giving it energy, I guess a more important question might be: what do we want/need it to mean?


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