Ask Real Astrologers: Will Pluto Help My Career?

This week’s question comes from Deirdre in Dublin, Ireland:

Pluto will trine my Ascendant early next year and the question I would like to ask you is, what can I expect and how can I prepare for this? Saturn’s transit on my Ascendant right now is hemming me in on all sides. Will I ever get a chance to shine in a career again? I was wondering if perhaps next year’s trine might help me to do just that.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Deirdre, Pluto’s trine to your Ascendant certainly couldn’t hurt, but I wouldn’t count on it to override other, more compelling transits that are in fact quite challenging.

The biggest issue I see for you is that transiting Saturn is conjoining your natal Pluto. Everyone born in the mid-1960s will experience this difficult transit over the next year or so, although it will be different for everyone depending on the location of Pluto in their natal chart and aspects to other planets. What you all have in common, however, is the complication of going through this transit during the opposition of Saturn and Uranus.

Typically, Saturn transiting natal Pluto feels like being stuck and getting slammed from all sides. I’m sorry to have to report this, and I don’t mean to scare you. But just know that it’s hard to make progress during this period, and trying to swim against the current likely will tire you out with no visible results. It’s almost better to do nothing, or at the very least save your energy for one or two priorities and put everything else on the back burner.

With Uranus in opposition, you will have the added factor of upsets and surprises, all designed to get you to make sweeping changes in your life. If Saturn weren’t in the picture, you’d be able to adjust fairly well, and you’d probably see the opportunities opening up to you, unless you’re the kind of person who fights change and needs to be forced to let go of people and situations. However, Saturn is a limiting presence, and no matter how much you may welcome change, something or someone may hold you back.

In your case, this probably will have to do with money, since Saturn and Uranus are opposing on your second and eighth house cusps. There will be changes, though, and some of them may come in surprising ways, totally out of left field. My best advice to you is to conserve your energy, hang in there, and don’t give up! It’s just a matter of waiting out the storm.

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Neith’s response:

Having Pluto trine your Ascendant-Jupiter will very likely be more helpful than not, Deirdre, but the second Saturn-Uranus opposition at 20° is the transit with the most potential for affecting the way the world at large sees you. Saturn will exactly conjoin your natal Pluto in Virgo on February 2, 2009, with Uranus opposing it from your seventh house.

The first pass from Saturn takes place the latter half of November 2008 and will introduce you to issues of import for you. Yes, you may feel hemmed in and weighed down, but the beauty of Saturn is that if you step up and take responsibility for your actions and continue to do the work, the rewards will come. I am willing to go so far as to say it is critical for you to address issues arising from the first pass of Saturn over your Pluto, because the second pass brings Uranus into the picture, and Uranus demands change.

Another important factor is that this transit will trigger your natal Yod with your Moon at the apex and your Sun sextile Pluto as the base. A Yod is comprised of two inconjuncts and a sextile and is also called the “finger of God.” This transit may bring into sharp focus the contrasts between your home and family oriented Sun in Cancer and your Moon in emotionally detached Aquarius. The other point of this pattern is, of course, your Pluto in detail-oriented, earthy Virgo, the sign traditionally associated with the sixth house.

All of these elements bring first-house, sixth-house, and eleventh-house matters into play. In other words, your presentation of yourself, especially in the workplace, is connected to your hopes and dreams and becoming your most authentic self. It may seem simplistic, but if you pay attention to how you feel (the Moon) on the job and observe how others respond to you (first house), you will gain insights into who you really are and your place within the big picture (Sun in the eleventh house).

Good luck on your journey!

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2 thoughts on “Ask Real Astrologers: Will Pluto Help My Career?

  1. Nathan

    Deirdre, I hope you don’t mind my chiming in as well, but I think a lot of people are concerned about their place in this global turmoil. Any time Pluto is involved, issues of personal power arise in our minds and I suspect this is partly why you are anticipating your own moment of change. There is a lot of condensed information in both Pat’s and Neith’s responses and I encourage you to read them carefully and take their message to heart by considering how they resonate with you and the events in your life.

    To expand some on Neith’s suggestion, activating personal power is possible by following the Moon’s cycle and being attentive to events that trigger strong emotions. The personal knowledge gained is most effective when the Moon transits Pluto, but also when the Moon squares this Saturn-Uranus opposition, as it did recently, passing through the 18-19 degrees of Gemini. Pay attention to your heart, especially at these crucial times, and rather than reacting to the difficulty you encounter, observe how the knowledge you possess can benefit your workplace and the world at large. Acting on this intuitive knowledge can point the way to improving not simply your career, but the world at large.

    May the stars shine brightly on your future!


  2. Deirdre Crowley

    Dear Pat, Neith and Nathan,

    Thank you for your deep insights which resonated with me at a deep level. Over the past few weeks, the past has returned to haunt me so to speak, in that I am meeting people from the workplace from over 15 years ago. I am trying very hard to join the dots as it were. I have a chance over the next few weeks to return to a workplace that I left over 7 years ago and where I once “rose from the ashes”. If only I had known back then what I know now, then perhaps the journey may have been less traumatic.

    I want to thank you for your time in writing here – it is very much appreciated. Many blessings. Deirdre.


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