Ask Our Readers: Oh, To Be a Sagittarius

When the Sun joins Mars in Sagittarius on Friday, many of us will heave a collective sigh of relief to be leaving the angst and intensity of Scorpio behind for another cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite comfortable with Scorpio, but there is something about this particular shift in energy that says it is time to lighten up and enjoy life a little more. It could have something to do with my first-house Venus in Sagittarius, who always sparkles this time of year. Or maybe it’s because one of my favorite U.S. holidays is coming up here, Thanksgiving, which happens to be the Sagittarius holiday (Christmas falls under the aegis of Capricorn). The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by a mix of peoples from the Old World and the New coming together to share food, friendship, and an all-around good time, in true Sagittarius fashion.

Pat and I have Sagittarius Rising in our composite chart, and I’ve noticed that many of our readers have the Sun or Ascendant in the sign of the Archer. We’d love to know how you experience your Sagittarius side. Anyone else with planets and chart angles in Sag, please chime in!

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7 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: Oh, To Be a Sagittarius

  1. Pat Post author

    I’ve got Saturn in Sagittarius, which is a fairly stern place for him to be, and he’s in my tenth house to boot, in a tight square to my natal Moon. The energies of Saturn and Jupiter don’t marry well, as Jupiter wants to grow, expand, and have a good time, while Saturn limits, constricts, and enforces discipline. This tends to bring out the other extreme in Sag, the one that is self-righteous and fanatically religious.

    It could have gone either way for me, but fortunately astrology is one of those studies that requires an open mind to start with, and I don’t feel the need to force in on anyone. I know it works, and that’s all that matters. If anyone else wants to learn anything from me, that’s fine, too (Saturn is Sag is a fine teacher, and many people have suggested to me that I should start teaching classes locally).

    In general, I get along well with Sagittarius people and love their adventurous spirit. Occasionally I bump into the competitive kind, and then I have problems.


  2. Rossa

    My Moon is at 16Sag, slap bang in the middle of Jupiter 29Sco and Saturn 3Cap. Moon is Trine Uranus in Leo and Sextile my Sun and Chiron in Aquarius.

    I get on well with Sagittarians, though don’t have any around at the moment.

    Interesting comment, Pat, about Jupiter and Saturn as my life has been a bit of a rollercoaster of “boom and bust” which would go with the expansion/constriction theme (currently a constriction phase). Similar theme in my love life too!!


  3. Jeffrey Kishner

    My Neptune is at 0 Sag, conjunct IC and partile square Mercury in Pisces. Sag is intercepted in my 4th, so I suppose the Sun’s transit is all about home for me.

    My wife has Saturn in Sag square Pluto. It is not an optimistic placement :(


  4. Nathan

    Sag ascendant here. Impulsiveness has gotten me into trouble before, especially when I don’t consider it from my Taurus Sun, not an easy balance. Also having a similarity to the US Sibley chart sometimes gives me a feeling I am more mainstream than I actually am…


  5. KayKay

    My descendant is in Sagittarius; plus my Jupiter is 18 Gemini, conjunct my ascendant at 16 Gem.

    Though I fretted about getting married most of my life and always assumed that I would, it turned out that I never did. Three men went on bended knee before me … I guess I made short work of them! Now I know why they call Sagittarius the sign of the bachelor.

    My beloved mother, who passed in 1996, was a sun in Sag. What a fun-loving, free-spirited character she was. I think about her and miss her every day.


  6. leslee

    Saturn in Sag here, too, on my 5th house cusp and square my Sun. Puts a bit of a damper on things there! But natal Uranus/Ascendant and Moon in Leo are trine to Saturn in Sag, so it does get a boost of inspiration. While Mars in Sag has been transiting square my natal Venus/Pluto, I have been very cranky! I’m sure it’s good if one has, um, certain outlets but alas…

    My dad’s a Sun-Sag with his Saturn a few degrees before my own (late in my 4th house). I think we have a good connection in that space.


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