Ask Real Astrologers: Saturn-Uranus Opposition Aspecting Natal Jupiter

 This week’s question comes from Elizabeth in Minnesota:

I’m wondering what to expect from the Saturn/Uranus opposition in my 8th and 2nd houses, when Uranus is conjunct my natal Jupiter in the second. How might it all play out?

Libra ponders . . .
Neith’s response:

Elizabeth, you are wise to start focusing on this process now, because you are moving into a period of intense adjustment and reevaluation. As the Saturn-Uranus opposition continues to unfold until July 2010, it will trigger your nodal axis, with your Sun conjunct your North Node in Gemini and your Moon-North Node conjunction.

The interplay between your sixth house Sun and twelfth house Moon is underscored by Saturn in Virgo, ruler of the sixth house, and Uranus in Pisces, ruler of the twelfth house. Your routines, both health and job related, will affect your self esteem and your willingness to be open to frequent revision of plans is key to the process. It is also important to allow your natural optimism to lead the way and avoid as much as possible getting caught up in paying too much attention to the tiniest details.

When Uranus turns direct on November 27 it will square your Nodal axis exactly in late December and for most of January 2009 for the final time. This transit can bring people and situations into our lives to jump start our awareness. Thankfully your Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon both enjoy new ideas and concepts and embrace change with more enthusiasm than others.

If there is any particular theme to hold in your mind and heart it is to always go for the big picture, the inclusive philosophies that embrace many different ways of thinking and being. By the time 2010 rolls around you may have come up with a whole new way of generating income for yourself most likely through service to others in some capacity.

Hey, at least Pluto is done turning you inside out emotionally and you will not be bored – Gemini’s least favorite thing. Good luck and do your best to be kind to yourself and all those who cross your path.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Well, as usual, when I let Neith go first, she makes all the salient points! What I can add, though, is that I, too, have the Saturn-Uranus opposition in my second and eighth houses, and so I’ve thought a lot about what this might mean.

With the U.S. economy in dire straits, we all want some security. I was a freelance writer, editor, and consultant for years, but being without health insurance and facing the feast-or-famine aspect of self-employment is wearing on me. This past May, I decided to take a day job, and this could turn into an opportunity for job security with great benefits, too. This is the Saturn side of the equation, and especially Saturn in Virgo, which is thinking about all the practical necessities. To get even more Virgo about it, I’m in a service career for the first time in my life rather than an intellectual desk job.

However, I expect the Uranus side to rebel sooner or later — likely sooner, as he comes out of retrograde next week, and then I think we’re going to see some rapid change. Uranus doesn’t like being put in a box, and in Pisces he wants to exercise creativity. In your second this house, this means earning a living through your creative, innovative side (as Neith noted, you likely will find a new way to generate income).

So you can see how these energies are opposed: one wants security, while the other wants freedom to create. I am hoping to find a way to integrate the two, and I wish the same for you, Elizabeth.

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