Ask Our Readers: Crazy Enough For You?

As we approach the Full Moon on December 12, Sun and Mars in Sagittarius are triggering the opposition of Saturn and Uranus — all in mutable signs — creating lots of tension down here on planet Earth.

Because the Sun-Mars conjunction is in my first house, this celestial event is directly affecting my body. Last weekend my overstressed right wrist gave out and I’m wearing one of those ubiquitous carpal tunnel braces most of the time. Saturn is in my tenth house opposing Uranus in my fourth, and both are squaring the Sun-Mars in my first. Between attempting to keep up with my workload, which involves lots of time typing, knitting a sweater for the granddaughter for Xmas and still finding time to walk my dog (a very Sagittarius form of exercise according to Pat), something had to give!

Here’s hoping once we move past the Full Moon and the pressure backs off some, we’ll all be able to catch our collective breath. So how’s it going out there for the rest of you?

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6 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: Crazy Enough For You?

  1. Mandy H.

    Feel as though I’min the midst of a mercury storm (the kind you get with a very, very , very bad Merc Rx which kinda fits as the Saturn – Uranus opposition is taking place over my 12th -6th axis (virgo- pisces).

    The kind of overarching emotional themes that are lying over this chaos completely match 6th /12th House issues. Feeling as though I’m going to go ‘pop’ one of these days…Or melt into a pile of unthinking, unconscious, automaton goo.

    Sun/ Mars taking place in 3rd and that kinda fits too…


  2. KayKay

    The sun/Mars conjunction has just crossed over my descendant at 16 Sag.

    Earlier this week when I had to be out in the world amid people, I was so cranky and impatient with people that I found myself muttering under my breath. No matter where I wanted to step, someone cut in front of me. When I wanted to focus on the matter at hand, someone was jabbering trivialities in my ear. When I asked someone a question, they seemed curt and snotty. (Obviously I was projecting!)

    Starting yesterday, I get a stretch at home for awhile–going out is optional … and the only person “in my path” is my 84 year old father who sleeps a lot of the time. For me, staying away from people seems to be the key to getting through the sun/Mars. The conjunction is trine my N Pluto at 22 Leo. I’ve been very high energy here at home and tearing my way through household chores like a super hero–can’t remember getting so much done in such a short time. And, for now, I love the peace and quiet of not having others around. (I’m normally sociable and love having people around.)

    My crankiness reminded me of my late mother who had Sun at 15 Sag. At heart she was a fun-loving, upbeat person … but that aspect of her was “covered” by a gruff, grumbling manner. I’ve never known anyone who grumbled so much. When someone asked her “why are you always complaining?” her eyes popped wide and she’d act stunned and hurt, saying “Complaining? I’m not complaining!” Those of us who knew and loved her realized that complaining was a habit. She didn’t even know she was doing it–and meanwhile, at the core, she was usually as happy as the proverbial clam.


  3. Rossa

    Being a novice to astrology this is what I feel about this situation.

    Saturn/Uranus are on my 2nd/8th axis. Seems to be more about my relationship with myself and others. Also have my North/South nodes on this axis which highlights my need to move forward from where I’ve been to where I’m going in the future.

    Sun/Mars are in my 11th house. Don’t know much about this though I’ve read that Uranus rules the 11th house and I’m an Aquarian with my natal Moon in Sag so I guess it gives more energy to the above.

    So overall more introspective and fairly static though I can feel a build up towards something, which may be a taste of what’s to come soon with the activity due in Cap (my asc)later this month. Must be conserving my energy for the big boost early 09 with the eclipses Leo/Aqu, my solar and chiron returns.


  4. astralal

    I also have Uranus in the 2nd (exact on my Sun at 19′ Pisces) opposite Saturn in the 8th. I keep reading its about money (and my finances are erratic and variable) but it also seems to be about how I value myself/see myself and how I think other people see me.

    I also am feeling the loneliest I have felt for 14 years. I am also feeling very stuck, literally, stuck in my house a lot of the time.

    Sun/Mars are in my 11th too… just this past weekend/Monday, I realised my best male friend has fallen for me. He is M though, so I’m not interested. Dont know if thats anything to do with it! I am trying to contact people more, via the interent mainly! Trying to strengthen friendships.

    The full moon fell in my 5th and I’m going to a party tonight with people I have never met, at a volunteer organisation. I’ll let you know if I meet anyone new!


  5. inishglora

    Evidently the full Moon in Gemini over-emphasized my stern words to a friend about a situation involving money he had borrowed from me 2 years ago. Evidently I am one friend the less now. It wasn’t an overly harsh discussion, IMO, but I should have waited because he’s prone to overreacting.

    I think, too, that my tendency is to be too nice and let people walk all over me, and that is changing as I get older. Obviously, people want consistency and when things change, they flip out. *sigh*

    One thing for sure: no one is borrowing more than $5 from me from now on.


  6. Jessica_

    I’m exhausted! exhausted! exhausted! Feel like I’ve been purely vibrating on adrenaline and anxiety all week. I’ve got mutable and my ex who I’m battling with is all mutable and my son’s all mutable and my boyfriend has mutable and our composite is a mutable grand cross and….

    I need a big vacation.


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