Ask Real Astrologers: How Can I Use This Heavy Pluto Transit?

This week’s question comes from Crystal:

Early in 2009, Pluto in the 8th house will oppose my Sun in the 2nd and square my Moon in the 11th. What areas of my life will be affected? And, how what is the best way to use this period positively?

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Crystal, if you gave us the correct birth information, then Pluto already is in your eighth house and opposite your Sun, and you should know at this point how things are playing out. Remember, Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 and remained there for a few months until he went retrograde and slipped back into Sagittarius. He re-entered Capricorn on November 27. So you are in the midst of this powerful transit.

A Sun-Moon square often indicates internal conflicts, and with your Cancer Sun and Aries Moon, my guess is that you run into trouble trying to take care of others as a way of getting what you want and need, and then perhaps become resentful when that doesn’t work. You do not need to apologize for your needs or to try to keep them hidden. Being direct is good, and then you need to let others decide how to respond, whether to give you what you want or not. If they don’t, attempting to manipulate them will only backfire and make you feel worse. I’m not saying that you do this; it’s just a tendency I see with this configuration in your chart.

Pluto is “at home” in the eighth house, since this is the area of the chart he rules. I suspect that you already are going through a personal transformation and will continue to do so as Pluto transits your natal Sun and Moon. The square to your Moon may be especially difficult, as emotionally challenging circumstances may arise in order to help you grow and evolve consciousness. Also remember, with Pluto transits, the point is to learn to relinquish control. So I’m not sure there is really a way you can use this transit; just be aware of its effects.

If it’s any consolation, a lot of us are going through trying emotional times right now as humanity moves toward a higher state of consciousness awareness. You are not alone.

Much love and courage to you.

Libra ponders . . . Neith’s response:

Crystal, there is no doubt this is an important transit for you and will teach you more than you want to know about how you really feel about your friends and family over the next few years.

As Pat noted Pluto entered Capricorn for the first time from mid-January to mid-June this year and you may have gotten hints as to what to expect. With your Sun on the cusp of your second house and Pluto transiting the cusp of your eighth house, your values and personal finances will be highlighted and if you have a 401k or other investments those will be up for review. The square to your eleventh house Moon could find the nature of your friendships and relationships with women in particular undergoing deep changes.

Pluto generally plays nice in your natal chart with an exact sextile to your Mercury giving you a willingness to dig a little deeper than most into the “why’s” of life. Having Pluto conjunct the cusp of your fourth house does suggest powerful family bonds or an occasionally contentious relationship with your family, a theme continued by your natal Sun-Moon square. Pluto’s transit will stir all these issues up too and allow you to deal with them for one and for all. Keep in mind Pluto transits last quite awhile and create lasting changes.

If there is one lesson Pluto teaches us by transit, Crystal, it is about learning to detach one’s self from a specific outcome. In fact the more energy we invest in events unfolding according to our wishes, the less likelihood of that happening. Pluto in Capricorn is beginning the process of teaching everyone about how to do more with less and you may be getting a jump start on finding out what that means to you personally.

Best of luck!

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